Milan Milan in 2019
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Milan Milan in 2019

Events, exhibitions and new openings in the city of fashion and design

Milan never sleeps, especially when it comes to events and new openings. Since the city hosted the Expo in 2015, it has been continuously developing – something quite evident when you arrive, especially if you haven’t set foot in the city for a while.

Apart from the upcoming fashion week (February 19-25 and September 18-24, 2019) and design week (April 9-14, 2019), what will the main events be in the city?

Piano City

A piano playing in the middle of a public park’s flowerbed, a quartet performing in a square, sonatas accompanying a bookshop’s customers. Strange things happen during Piano City days in Milan, when musicians and musical instruments invade the city – in places you least expect. Many mini and big events, both in the suburbs and in the centre, simply to celebrate music. Enjoy the melody of a pianist illuminated by fireflies, or wait for dawn enjoying the night-long music marathon at Palazzina Liberty. It’s every year, during the third week of May.

92° National Gathering of Italian Alpine Troops
. May 10, 11 and 12

The Alpine Troops are the Italian forces specialized in mountain warfare and in 2019 they will celebrate their hundredth anniversary. For the occasion, the Troops will return to the Lombard capital where their league was born on July 8, 1919. The Alpine Troop gatherings are itinerant events, famous throughout Italy for the ability to celebrate ex-soldiers of all ages. Good drinks and hearty mountain food is a must. A true Italian folk tradition.

De Chirico, from Apollinaire to the Surrealism

Palazzo Reale will host the most significant works of Giorgio De Chirico, the father of Metaphysical Art. From the first stay in Paris in 1912 to the encounter with avant-garde movements and the trip to New York in 1938 and the Biennale in 1940.

The Kabuky

The Tokyo Ballet, one of the most important international companies, will be in Milan for the month of July. A nineteenth century repertoire which blends European and Japanese culture, with a contemporary choreography created by Maurice Béjart. The seven hundredth foreign performance of the Tokyo Ballet will be celebrated with an extraordinary version of The Kabuki, one of the most famous and acclaimed works that Maurice Béjart specifically granted to this dance company, chosen by the great choreographer as the main reference for many of his masterpieces and creations.

The city of fashion Milan is the capital of fashion, design and the ‘Made in Italy’ brands in the third millennium. Rinascente has pioneered the times, dictating “what’s hot” with clothing, home décor, accessories, beauty and food – all for one trendy place to be!
The design supermarket Not just fashion here: Milan is the new leading capital of interior design. Want to shop for a stylish souvenir? Head to the underground floor at Rinascente and grab a basket as you walk the aisles of the first design supermarket.