Milan Milan Top 10
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Adrian Rinascente Milano Duomo, Milan

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Milan Milan Top 10

Must-see monuments and neighbourhoods during a visit in Milan, from the fashion district to Da Vinci’s Last Supper. With extra tips to truly experience it to the max!

Milan is not Rome, Florence or Venice. It has its hidden beauty, ancient and modern at the same time, where time seems to have never stopped; however, life continues to roll by as fast as the many cars and Vespas during the rush hours.

Tourists gather in the city centre, making Piazza Duomo their destination and after a few hours, they get the perception that “that’s what Milan is all about”. They don’t even enter the cathedral, they observe it from outside and below, without thinking about having a different perspective of it. They walk through the Galleria admiring the shop windows or looking up at the arcades, but never sit beside a true Milanese sipping a “Campari with white wine” – and don’t call it a Spritz! They visit the Museo del 900 in Piazza Duomo, but they miss the spectacular Lucio Fontana neon light installation at the top floor, etc.

The top 10 most beautiful, mainstream things to see in Milan, to make for a unique experience.

An evening in the historic centre. The locals don’t normally hang around Piazza Duomo and surroundings in the evening and this area is normally full of tourists. A good tip: stay here during the day and move to the Navigli District for the aperitif.
The Milan Metro. The best and fastest way to get around the city. Old trams are picturesque, but end up stuck in traffic, along with the cabs.