Milan #Milano: Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow
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Milan #Milano: Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow

Visual guides by food enthusiasts, fashion addicts, architectural photographers. Here’s who to follow for eating out, shopping, or attending a show (as advised by a true Milan local).

In 2016, Milan was among the 30 most tagged cities in the world on Instagram with over 9 million posts. It is the most social media friendly city in Italy and we don’t need stats to certify that; Just look at the number of mobile phones capturing every moment of the city life, from the morning breakfast with cappuccino and brioche to the love for the views of the new Milan, that of the skyscrapers in the Porta Nuova District or the Darsena.

Locals love innovation and still look at it in astonishment, snapping it and sharing it instantly – making Instagram the best way to know what’s new in town.


To follow Milan and its evolution, know what to do and where to go, what is fashionable and what is not, discover the most poetic corners and laugh at the personality of the people (Italian permitting). Here are the top 10 accounts to follow:

The official page: @turismomilano

The beauty of Milan today and in the past, with historical photographs, museums, interiors of nineteenth-century buildings, initiatives organized by the city for citizens and tourists.

Un post condiviso da TurismoMilano (@turismomilano) in data:

For fashion addicts: @cameramoda

The profile of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, i.e. who organizes the Milan Fashion Week. A privileged look at fashion shows, behind-the-scenes, VIP events.

Un post condiviso da Milano Fashion Week (@cameramoda) in data:

For trendy food lovers: @foodiemilano

Beautiful photos and all the news about the food scene in Milan. If it fashionable, you will find it here. Unfortunately, it is only available in Italian, but from the photos you can understand everything.

Un post condiviso da Foodies Milano (@foodiesmilano) in data:

For those who want to shop: @rinascente

Everything you need to know about the latest trends in the world of fashion, design, home decor: the account of the oldest, most iconic and sparkling department store in the city – a place that makes fashion and doesn’t simply follow it.

Un post condiviso da la Rinascente (@larinascente) in data:

For designers and artists: @latriennale

Since 1923, La Triennale di Milano has been a city institution in terms of design, architecture, cinema and contemporary art. Its exhibitions, the Museum of design and Café overlooking the park are a must-see.

Un post condiviso da La Triennale di Milano (@latriennale) in data:

For architecture lovers: @milanodavedere

Iconic monuments, central districts, some hidden corner among the streets of Brera, The concealed side of the Navigli District and the contrasts of the Isola-Porta Nuova District. Old art nouveau buildings and new skyscrapers, such as the Bosco Verticale.

Un post condiviso da Milano da vedere (@milanodavedere) in data:

To live only on top: @auxvillesdumonde

The lifestyle magazine you’re reading now, on social media.

Un post condiviso da Aux Villes Du Monde (@auxvillesdumonde) in data:

For established gourmets: @saucemilan

Two journalists interested in food and wine who organize food tours in the city in English. Their Instagram account is influential (they will not advise one place just because you can take great pictures).

Un post condiviso da Sauce Milan (@saucemilan) in data:

For trips outside the city: @igers_lombardia

Instagram is not only a virtual community; in fact, some Instagrammers actually come together to talk about new media, photography and digital strategies. Here, they gather the best material posted by users in Lombardy, to plan a trip around the region.

Un post condiviso da Igers Lombardia (@igers_lombardia) in data:

To understand the Milan locals: @il_milanese_imbruttito

Vices and virtues of the people in Milan. Unfortunately, it’s only in Italian, but very amusing. A serious overview on the typical Milanese obsessions and fixations.