Milan No Reservation: The Best Street Food
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Sylvia Rinascente Milano Duomo, Milan

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Milan No Reservation: The Best Street Food

Who said that you can only eat well at a restaurant? In Italy, street food is a tradition and it should be celebrated

Street food is usually eaten with your hands, but this doesn’t make it less delicious than top-chef gourmet dishes, as the ingredients are often the same and the culinary mastery is just as great. In Italy, street food is part of the national gastronomic repertoire and a true institution. You must eat standing up, with your hands, and tradition goes, the food must be quite substantial.

Today, you can find street food all around, sometimes featuring a few tables and a wine and beer list, but we chose only those serving true ‘Made in Italy’ dishes – regardless whether classic or innovative, just yummy.

Sicilian fast food

Burgers made with 100% Made-in-Sicily ingredients and sandwiches. Highly anticipated in Milan after the two openings in Catania and Palermo, Fud Bottega Sicula is a fast food that reaps acclaim from the public and critics alike. Top quality ingredients, friendly service and addictive recipes. Burgers are made with donkey meat, Sicilian beef, buffalo meat and instead of cheddar, they use provola delle Madonie and Girgentana goat cheese. To taste the most authentic, special and tasty food Sicily has to offer, in an innovative way – try the Fud Crocks and Bec Potetos. Divine.

The fish sandwich

From Polignano a Mare in Apulia to Milan, this fish fast food has gained much success in two different regions. Pescaria serves raw fish, sashimi or tartare style, fish fry and great raw, cooked or fried fish sandwiches. Try the fried octopus, oil and garlic vegetable sandwich, with fig wine, ricotta cheese and oil. Alternatively, sample the raw prawns, fried eggplant, crispy bacon, mozzarella, tomato sauce, potato chips and smoked mayonnaise. Good wines, artisan beers and no table service. Be prepared to queue though, especially at peak times.

Il Panzerotto

In Milan, only tourists queue in front of Luini for panzerotti and Spontini for pizza by the slice. There are many places offering Apulian Panzerotti in town but the best tasting is without any doubt Il Panzerotto. Ignore the “creative” options and stick to the classics: tomato and mozzarella, with strong ricotta cheese and Parma ham. Be careful as you eat, you have to lean forward, or you will spill the stuffing all over yourselves.

Il Panzerotto
Directly from Rome

Trapizzino is an invention, yet the quintessence of Roman cuisine. It is a triangle of pizza dough, soft and fragrant, stuffed with Lazio recipes: meatballs in tomato sauce, oxtail, chicken cacciatore, eggplant parmesan… The best of grandma’s kitchen, in the shape of a cone. A Trapizzino will fill you up, two would be a full meal, and three only for big appetites. Good beers and a few tables.

The city of fashion Milan is the capital of fashion, design and the ‘Made in Italy’ brands in the third millennium. Rinascente has pioneered the times, dictating “what’s hot” with clothing, home décor, accessories, beauty and food – all for one trendy place to be!
The design supermarket Not just fashion here: Milan is the new leading capital of interior design. Want to shop for a stylish souvenir? Head to the underground floor at Rinascente and grab a basket as you walk the aisles of the first design supermarket.