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Sylvia Rinascente Milano Duomo, Milan

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City Guides Milan
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The city of fashion or capital of design? Here we find La Dolce Vita when we go out in the evenings for happy hour or do some shopping in the most prestigious shopping streets in the world – all to feel like a true Milanese.

Milan is the capital of fashion and design, of shopping and food. Move in a hurry because it’s a city that loves to work, but its contemporary rhythm makes for a nice contrast with its old, authentic soul. In its 1800s splendour, the Old Milan holds dazzling galleries and canals flowing in the historic centre. Beyond the many well-known tourist attractions such as the Duomo, the high-class shopping district, da Vinci’s Last Supper, and the Academy of Brera, there is much more to discover: award-winning restaurants, traditional trattorie, contemporary art galleries and, of course, both breakfast and aperitif rituals – the rituals one must experience to feel truly Milanese. To know where to go out in the evening or where to find the best risotto, how to spend a free day or a few hours between work appointments or for views from the perfect shop, continue reading for advice from our Milan city editor, exclusively for AVDM.

City Editors Margo Schachter
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