Munich 5 New Hotspots Everybody is Talking About
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Munich 5 New Hotspots Everybody is Talking About

Check out the current hottest locations in Munich, from the pop-up hotel to the toilet bar

For a big city, it’s normal that something new opens all the time. This makes it difficult even for a resident to keep track, especially when Munich is setting a pace that many other German cities can hardly keep up with – apart from Berlin. Here are five new favourites in Munich that won’t be a waste of your time.

The art-bar

Think art and a bar in one is intriguing? The Staatsbar prove that the concept can work. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday the location enchants customers with art, a bar and an extraordinary DJ line-up. The atmosphere is rounded off by the extraordinary interior, where a large disco ball occupies and illuminates the entire room, along with big lamps over the bar, which probably come from a beer garden.

The pop-up hotel

Not far from the Staatsbar you will find the pop-up hotel, The Lovelace. A hotel and popup? That sounds very unusual, but it works. Located in a former bank building, The Lovelace has proven popular, especially as booking figures show that the hotel is very well received by guests and visitors. The foyer can be reached via stairs or the lift on the first floor. From there, you have a tremendous view. At the very top is a bar and in the areas between, events take place almost daily from small fairs to art exhibitions or concerts.

The Lovelace
Dine at the hotel

Everyone knows the famous Charles Hotel, which is located next to the old botanical garden in Munich. It houses the restaurant Sophia’s, which has acquired a good reputation independently of the hotel. The high-ceilinged rooms with an eclectic mix of art and modern interior design are very impressive. The beautiful design and atmosphere is part of the reason wedding celebrations sometimes take place here, but it’s also to the delicious and artfully prepared food and the superb service. If you want to indulge in a comfortable atmosphere, Sophia’s is the right place for you.

The Israeli cuisine

After the NENI was very successful in Vienna and Berlin, it opened a branch in Munich in the 25hours Hotel at the main station. Although the area around the main station is not very inviting, you should definitely take a look inside the 25hours Hotel. The extraordinary interior will surprise you, and right in the heart of the hotel is the Israeli restaurant NENI – the name consisting of the first letters of the owner’s four sons. Guests are welcomed by an open kitchen and the “used look” atmosphere of the restaurant. In addition to the obligatory hummus, other fine oriental dishes are served.

Crönlein: the toilet bar

When it comes to unusual locations, Cafe Crönlein is at the top. The former toilet house in Giesing has undergone a complete transformation. It was pulled out of its sleep by its operators and has changed from an ugly duckling into a magnificent location. The transformation involved a lot of concrete being removed from the interior. In summer, two beautiful outdoor terraces can be used to enjoy the sun.

Indoor strolling Oberpollinger is the best place to explore: seven floors, long boulevards, a beauty-spa lounge for treatments and several restaurants. The cutting-edge shop has been around since 1903 and has recently introduced a dynamic addition, the Storey.
The Storey The Storey is a new space at Oberpollinger that has begun hosting underground designers and contemporary artists –uniting both global andlocal fashion and art, shopping and culture. Call it a social space and creative hub, breaking the barriers between creator and consumer, stylist and trendsetter.