Munich A Veggie Guide, District by District
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Munich A Veggie Guide, District by District

Munich is not only a meat lovers paradise, and we want to demonstrate this, chasing the best veggie spots in town.

In the Bavarian capital, culinary not only revolves around white sausage, roast pork, dumpling and co. Munich can also be healthy. This is proved by the new wave of “Go Healthy” gastronomy.

Life is just too short to live unhealthy.

But healthy eating does not mean that one must renounce the tasty things to relish in the joy of life. On the contrary, a healthy lifestyle makes life even more worthwhile. We have looked around in the individual districts, where you can find the healthiest and most delicious snacks.


There are many good reasons to visit Bowls & Blenders. It offers many healthy alternatives to standard courses, for example quinoa bowls or smoothies. The takeaway dishes are offered in sustainable packaging. It’s not only about boosting your health, it tastes really good as well.

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The Acai berry was discovered in Brazil. Due to a legend surfers have benefited from the positive effects of the berry after a strenuous surfing day. The super berry has also made it into the Bavarian capital and can be tasted in the Daddy Longlegs as Smoothie or in Bowls.


The Prince Myshkin is a restaurant in the heart of Munich, which offers vegetarian and vegan dishes before the health wave swept over. An institution of meat-free indulgence, vegetarian and vegan food is served here for over 10 years. In two rooms, one bright and high, the other rather dark, vegetable dishes and Ayurvedic cuisine are offered exclusively. And, as you might expect, you will be satisfied, not starving.

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Smoothies at Super Danke are called “Organic Liquids”. The juices are exclusively cold-pressed so that no valuable ingredients are lost. My favorite is “Hangover Cure”, a green smoothie of rice milk, coconut water, green cabbage, mango, grapes, avocado, chia and banana.

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At IUNU spontaneously delicious is cooked. What comes at noon depends entirely on the mood of the cook. The freestyle plate in the IUNU for 9€ is the perfect alternative for a thoroughly organized life, because this is anything but structured. The owner Asha cooks only spontaneously, so she knows only from 11.30 clock, what she will cook. Her style of cooking can be described as vegetarian soulfood.

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At Pizza Verde you eat pizza with a clear conscience. All products are of organic quality and the whole company is designed for sustainability. The freshly made pizzas can also be taken to go or are delivered home. The pizza gourmet comes at its own expense.

At Viktualienmarkt Buxs is a casual self-service restaurant facing the market.
Vegan teehaus A small tea house, 10 minutes walk to Marienplatz, with vegan patisserie and some tofu and seitan sandwich.