Munich Auer Dult: 9 days of fun
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Munich Auer Dult: 9 days of fun

Three times a year, this fun-fair in Mariahilfplatz combines an art festival, antique market and an amusement park for the enjoyment of children and grownups alike.

The Auer Dult, which takes place three times a year on Munich’s Mariahilfplatz, is a traditional fair lasting nine days. The first ‘Dult’ (German for ‘observance’) of the year is the Maidult, which begins on the Saturday before May 1st. The Jakobidult starts on the Saturday after ‘Jakobi’ (Saint James feast day on July 25th) and the Kirchweihdult on Sunday before ‘Kirchweih’ (the Kermesse, or church mass on the third Sunday in October).

Near the church, the Auer Dult hosts a large antiques market, where are wide variety of goods are on offer, ranging from old wooden farmhouse furniture, rare vintage books, kitchenware, and even old chamber pots.

Mayfair stall

The fair is home to one of the largest crockery markets in Europe, with many stalls selling porcelain, ceramics and pots. Market criers bring some entertainment to the mix, loudly shouting at passers-by to promote their goods.

From market to fair

In addition to the 300 exhibitors and stalls, the Auer Dult hosts a public festival, which proves to be especially fun for children. There are various rides, including bumper cars, a small Ferris wheel, carousel and shooting galleries. For the parents, a beer garden with Bavarian specialities is on hand. There are also snack bars and sausage stalls, when hunger strikes.

Smaller, quieter and more manageable, the Auer Dault can’t be compared to the madness of Oktoberfest and Munich Spring festival, but it nevertheless attracts over 300,000 visitors every year.

Indoor strolling Oberpollinger is the best place to explore: seven floors, long boulevards, a beauty-spa lounge for treatments and several restaurants. The cutting-edge shop has been around since 1903 and has recently introduced a dynamic addition, the Storey.
The Storey The Storey is a new space at Oberpollinger that has begun hosting underground designers and contemporary artists –uniting both global andlocal fashion and art, shopping and culture. Call it a social space and creative hub, breaking the barriers between creator and consumer, stylist and trendsetter.