Munich Coolhunting in Munich
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Munich Coolhunting in Munich

In Munich, tradition inspires new trends like fashionable dirndl and Bavarian tapas. But surfing? It’s a typical sport for the locals!

Traditional values ​​have always played an important role in the Bavarian capital. Nevertheless, modernity has never been neglected. In fact, a kind of fusion has taken place. Many old customs, craftsmanship or fashion trends have had a sort of renaissance and in the last few years this has become particularly obvious. Many young designers, craftsmen and creative artists show what can be created.

Trend 1 - Modern vs. tradition

What does fashion mean for us? A lot. It is an expression of our cultural identity. Many federal states, even towns and villages have developed their own fashion. It is also to be expected that Munich will deal with the topic of cultural or costume fashion. And there is a great trend towards Dirndl design. Young designers have adopted and reinterpreted this subject, such as Julia Trentini and Kinga Mathe Fashion & Design. It is not just the cuts, but also the traditionally used fabrics, such as Loden, which are reused. Loden is a natural, breathable and water resistant fabric. For example, O1o6 has embraced the fabric adopted in the current collection for contemporary bicycle wear.

Trend 2 - Surf everywhere

Speaking of sports, everyone knows we citizens of Munich love surfing. You didn’t know? The standing wave at Eisbach is a popular meeting point for surfers, people who wish to become surfers and onlookers. But not everyone dares to surf on the wave. No problem, you just grab a wakeboard from Studio Munique and let the streets of Munich be your surfing spot. Or you try SUP – Stand Up Paddling – which has become increasingly popular. You just need a board, a paddle, a few instructions and water.

Trend 3 - Smaller is better

Sports activities are known to work up an appetite. The hunger must be satisfied fast, but with small portions, in order not to overwhelm the stomach. The flexibility of Bavarian cuisine is especially noticeable here. Some chefs have adopted the theme of tapas and reinterpreted this. Ferdings and Bapas for example, where mouth-watering dishes on small plates are served, will leave you wanting to order additional plates – be warned!