Munich Freshly Brewed & Baked
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Munich Freshly Brewed & Baked

This for all coffee lovers and pastry addicts. Starting your day with a fresh coffee from a local roaster and freshly baked bread is not daily business, it means a kind of luxury. Explore Munich’s hidden gems full of delights.

Munich is well known for quality bakeries. Bread does play a big role in everyday life. We have it in the morning for breakfast, for lunch and even for dinner, called Brotzeit. But breakfast is nothing without a good coffee. Fortunately, lots of Italian bars offer their fine coffee culture, and for a few years, young and experimental coffee roasters have developed a taste for making their best brews with different flavours. Be aware coffee establishment, the young and wild coffee makers want to shake up the domestic market.

Man Versus Machine in Müllerstraße belongs to this kind of coffee rebels. The interior is clean white, nothing makes you think of a roaster except the big machine behind the counter. It seems that nothing should take the focus away from the only thing that counts… and that’s the taste of pure handcrafted roasted coffee beans. Nothing but specialty grade Arabica coffee is offered. There’s only one reason why. MSVM wants to serve coffee, that they want to drink themselves.

The Alof is a very cosy, lovingly decorated shop. The presentation of the goods and the quiet music in the background quickly take you into another world. Next to perfect coffee from a Hamburg roaster, a large inviting choice of breads on are on display. There is something for everyone: a wide variety of homemade cakes, sweet pastries and sandwiches. My recommendation: take your time and have a breakfast. By the way, a second store was opened in Giesing recently.

Benvenuti a Monaco di Baviera! Munich is believed to be the northernmost city of Italy. If it’s true or not, I don’t know, but I can confirm that locals love Italian food and coffee, especially espresso and cappuccino. This, Bar Centrale, is what the interior of a typical Italian restaurant should look like: dark wooden walls, small tables, racing bikes in the display window, and funny Italian guys serving up strong coffee behind the counter. Of course, here you drink your espresso on foot, at the bar – as is common in Italy.

Brotmanufaktur Schmidt bakes the best bread in town. The recipe is easy, just use the best ingredients like local grain, free range eggs or cold-hurried honey. Its history goes back to the second half of the 19th century. In 1870, the Mair family founded a bakery in the Mathildenstraße. However, when the house was bombed in 1945, the family rented a bakery in the Steinstraße, where bread had been baked since 1700. Experience and lots of time makes this bakery a manufactory where you can taste its history and quality in every bite.

Bäckerei A bakery and a patisserie with viennoiserie and cake - not a French patisserie.

Black or white You have just two options in normal bars to have a coffee: Schwarzkaffee, black, or Milchkaffee, white.