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Munich Grab and go

Too lazy to cook and too in a hurry to stay? The best food in Munich on the go.

To get to know Munich properly, you need at least three years. But most visitors don’t have so much time. To spend as little time as possible on food breaks, here are the best places to get something tasty on the go.

But don’t worry, fast food to takeaway does not have to consist exclusively of sandwiches, burgers or salads in plastic containers. And, takeaway food does not necessarily have to be unhealthy or boring either. Five trendy and traditional restaurants invite you to take away innovative, local and creative fast food.

Should I stay or should I go?

Türkitch is one of the most innovative and, at the same time, the most famous kebab stand in Munich. The shop is very small and during rush hour the queue goes out to the street. Whether it contains meat, vegetables or köfte, there is no better doner kebab. Everything is served with fresh ingredients, homemade sauces and a splash of lemon juice.


La Taqueria Isartor is always worth a visit, especially because of the decor. A blend of Tex Mex and Hipster Café offering burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas and more. La Taqueria Isartor promises authentic Mexican food and you may just fall a bit in love with it.


Fisch Witte is one of the institutions of Munich. The fish restaurant is located in the heart of the Viktualienmarkt and is known for its excellent fish dishes. If time allows, then it’s where to stay. If the restaurant is full, which is usually the case, then you can choose from a variety of fish dishes to take away.


The Ringlers is located on Sendlinger Strasse, a short walk from Marienplatz to Sendlinger Tor. Pay close attention because it is easy to be overlooked. It would be a mistake not to go in because the freshly prepared food from Martin and Valerie Ringler is so delicious. The Ox Grill Sandwich (with oxen and special sausage) for 4.80 Euro is highly recommended.


The Corner Deli Bar is located on the corner as the name implies. More precisely, at the beginning of the Müllerstrasse. It opened as an international deli at the Sendlinger Tor with specialties from New York, Paris and Munich. This scrumptious food is both for the night owls, who want to strengthen themselves before a club tour on the “Feiermeile” (“celebration mile” street between Sendlinger Tor and Karlsplatz), as well as the hungry lunch break crowd from nearby companies and offices. Everyone who stops is strengthened with #Feelgoodfood for the body and soul.

Köfte Turkish meatball made with spiced minced lamb meat.
Matjes Brötchen Traditional sandwich with herring fillet and onions.