Munich Munich: a Kid's Playground
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Munich Munich: a Kid's Playground

The world is like a big playground, but it’s not easy to find child-friendly restaurants, bars and sightseeing spots. Fortunately, Munich loves its small visitors, too, and offers lots of places where kids can still be kids.

Munich has the reputation of being a city with a high quality of life standard – lots of green spaces and hospitable citizens with heart. With around 1.4 million citizens it belongs to one of the biggest cities in Germany, but it hasn’t lost its village-like character. In parts like Haidhausen, small houses and farmers’ markets embellish the townscape. That’s one of the reasons why families with kids love to live in Munich and travellers repeatedly come back.

The Munich council is eager to provide families with kids a comfortable life and easy access to every part of the city, with lots of public elevators, escalators and a good transport system. Restaurants, Bars and Cafés follow this example, as found at Preysinggarten. Located in one of Munich’s most beautiful places, surrounded by old buildings and a wooden house, it’s well known for pizza (my favourite has pears, Parma, gorgonzola) and pasta as well as for German Cuisine served in a minimalistic French atmosphere. While Mom and Dad relax and enjoy their food, the kids can play with wooden toys or explore the big fenced-in playground in summer. Kids are very welcome, as even the owners often bring their own.

White Rabbit’s Room or its sister Little Rabbit’s Room belong to Munich’s sweetest Cafés and that is not just because of the home-made cakes, tarts and cinnamon snails. A white dreamy, fairy tale-like atmosphere welcomes families with kids. This makes even you feel like a child. At any moment, new details of its lovely decorated interior can be explored. The good thing is, White Rabbit’s Room has its own shop for decoration, cookbooks and kitchen utensils. Located at Wiener Platz close to a market, Little Rabbit’s Room comes especially recommended in summer with easy access to Hofbräukeller beergarden with a big playground.

A beergarden is a place for the whole family, a space for encounters, interacting and at least a big playground for the little ones.

There are three reasons to visit the Museum Mensch und Natur. For one, getting there you can use the tram to station Schloss Nymphenburg and kids love to take a ride in the tram. Another reason: the castle! Located in the historic castle with its beautiful Baroque gardens, it offers a world of science for visitors of every age. And of course, it gives an interesting view into the world of minerals and animals… and dinosaur lovers will not be left out!

Beer Gardens They are open from May and close in October with the Oktoberfest
BMW Welt The BMW museum offers special car models to be driven by children