Munich Munich Four Seasons
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Munich Munich Four Seasons

Munich opens its doors all year long. Every season charms visitors with beautiful natural wonders and breath-taking architecture.

When is the best time to visit Munich? There is no time; it’s worth traveling the whole year round and you’ll always be amazed. As wardrobe’s change, the city creates a new scenery and mood.

Winters can be long and frustrating. There’s a big desire to leave thick clothes behind, especially as the first signs of spring show up. You can see it as cafés and outdoor areas are filled with sun worshippers protected by big sunglasses. To get the full dose of spring, visit Hofgarten. Dedicated to the goddess Diana, the baroque garden with a beautiful pavilion in the centre was created in 1613-1617 by Maximilan I. It was used for military purposes, has been destroyed and rebuilt, and still amazes visitors with lovely garden architecture and blossoming plants, flowers and birds. Excuse my romanticism, but you can’t help but feel like love is in the air.


Markets were the buzzing centre for inhabitants. Although supermarket chains and online services make it easy to get your daily groceries, you may just want to do some shopping in district Schwabing’s charming Elisabethmarkt, which still exists after a hundred years, fortunately. It’s named after the famous Austrian Empress Sissi. There is nothing better than strolling through the markets in summer. There is a big variety of homemade and local food. Small buildings, all looking the same, like Milchstandl (milk hut) are all strung together. Enjoy a fresh milkshake on the cosy benches in the sun.


Late summer and early autumn are the best time for beer gardens. Historically, a beer garden is a place where beer is served and you can bring your own food. But it’s much more; it’s a platform for communication, where people come together to enjoy the last rays of sun and to toast with people they’ve met for the first time. Sankt Emmeramsmühle offers one of the most beautiful outside areas, hidden in between the exclusive residential district and the river Isar. Not a typical dish for a beer garden, but very delicious (and the best I’ve ever tried) is their lobster soup.


Originally created to supply Nymphenburg gardens with water, in the cold season Nymphenburg channels turn into a winter wonderland. Kids skate on the ice surface, locals play an odd game similar to curling and couples stroll along the canal banks. Warm thoughts help to warm up, but the nearby Palmenhaus (palm house) is a safe haven to prevent frostbite!

Spring and Summer Don't miss a beergarden, from May until October, these are the places to be!
Winter There are 24 Christmas markets in Munich and the Tollwood Winter Festival on the Theresienwiese