Munich Munich With a Guide
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Munich Munich With a Guide

There are many ways to get to know a city – on foot, by bike or by bus. But to find out the interesting details of a city, you should take a guided tour.

Every big city seems to be offering these hop-on-hop-off tours nowadays. But you can’t help but feel like a typical tourist when you take part in such bus tours. If you want to get to know Munich more on another level, learning more about the city, the culture and the people, you should participate in one of the following city tours.


Context hasn’t been around for long in Munich. The concept is to have a local expert show you the city. You can book private guided tours or take part in a public tour – the good news is that groups are never bigger than six people. Context offers customized tours on different topics such as food, beer, World War II and Welcome Munich tours.

On the vintage van

Bus tours are no new thing. And in this case, they are not the big charter-style buses. Instead, a young, resourceful team has put together a fleet of old VW buses, also called “Bulli”. They’ve been very successful with their popular tours, even offering extra Oktoberfest tours as well as individual ones. There can’t be a cooler way to visit the city.

Munich for night owls

If you want to discover Munich at night, you should take part in a tour with Nachtschwärmer (German for night owls). Nachtschwärmer did not have a good reputation in Munich in the past and they are still a little creepy today with their frocks, spears and lanterns – but at least now we know what they are actually doing! They show the city to interested groups at night in guided tours that might take you past the old city prison or the torture chamber. Whoever dares should participate in the unique experience.

With your personal chauffeur

Everyone has dreamt of this: to have your own chauffeur driving you around, imparting their knowledge and telling stories about the city. That’s exactly what Enjoy Bavaria Tours offers. Beyond that, visitors can still book tours outside the Munich city borders.

The München Safari

Martin Arz can probably be described as an all-around guy; He has his own publishing house, is an author and an artist. Last but not least, he offers city tours known as München Safari. Don’t worry, you won’t encounter any wild creatures, but instead dive deeply into the districts of the city that you would normally never visit. Due to his profound expertise and humour, a guided tour with Martin becomes an experience that will make a lasting impression.

Indoor strolling Oberpollinger is the best place to explore: seven floors, long boulevards, a beauty-spa lounge for treatments and several restaurants. The cutting-edge shop has been around since 1903 and has recently introduced a dynamic addition, the Storey.
The Storey The Storey is a new space at Oberpollinger that has begun hosting underground designers and contemporary artists –uniting both global andlocal fashion and art, shopping and culture. Call it a social space and creative hub, breaking the barriers between creator and consumer, stylist and trendsetter.