Munich New Bavarians: Best Craft Beers in Town
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Munich New Bavarians: Best Craft Beers in Town

Munich is well known for being the beer city, not only because of the Oktoberfest but due to its long tradition of high quality breweries. Fortunately, next to old beer makers, lots of young, wild adventurous brewers have been surprising us with great beer.

If you are passionate about beers, Munich is the place to be. For the past few years, the craft beer scene has been coming up with new creations and great designs. It’s very exciting what the beer future will bring next.


Hopfmeister – authentic, different, Bavarian. There are only three words to describe the brewery. Marc Gallo, the owner and former graphics designer, wanted to create good craft beers for everyone. Tasty beers with an attractive design and cool names, like Surfers Ale (Pale Ale) or Irish Road Trip (IPA). Tilmans’ “das Helle” is one of the best beers. Tilman, owner and brewer, knows how to create good beers. He offers four kinds of beers: Das Helle (lager), Der Weizen (wheat beer), Die Dunkle (dark beer) and Brown Ale. Every label was created by an artist or designer, giving each one its own special flair.


Augustiner Bräu is one of the oldest breweries in Munich and the most famous one. What differs Augustiner from other breweries? It has no Marketing department. That’s not the only reason to drink Augustiner Helles. It’s just the great taste. A very good example what a Lager should taste like.


Max Valentin of Isar Bier just wanted to make the best Lager. Unfiltered and dry hopped (lots of aromatic hop is added during storing period, which takes about 2 weeks). Isar Bir uses local ingredients in organic quality only. Beer drinking with a good conscious.

Crew Republic belongs to the first new Munich breweries. They started in a garage in the district Glockenbach in 2011. Today the Crew Republic guys sell their beers beyond the German borders. Foundation 11 (German Pale Ale) laid the corner stone for a successful brewery history.

What started as a student project has become very successful. Three students won an entrepreneur competition with their brand “Isarkindl” and decided to run their own brewery. They started with two beers. Since April 2017, they have added a third, it’s a Radler (beer mix with lemonade).


In this context, it is important to mention where the beers can be enjoyed. The first recommendation is Ambar Bistro (Tegernseer Landstraße 25) a craft beer bar with Italian food. Biervana in Schwabing is the best store to buy local and international beers.

Münchner Traditional Munich beer, low fermentation, with a strong malt taste
Dunkel Dark beer, lager or Weiss style, traditionally Bavarian.