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Munich Run Baby Run!!

Get out your running shoes and experience Munich like a local. We’ll show you the fastest way to discover the most hidden green spaces in and around Munich. Forget taxis and public transportation; use your feet and explore beautiful running routes.

Jogging is very popular in Munich, second only to cycling. The city offers a variety of running routes with awesome views for beginners and advanced runners alike. Make the most of it and put your running shoes one.

Isar trail

Start your running route at the corner of Erhardtstraße and Corneliusbrücke, cross the bridge and turn left along the Isar river. Be careful as you cross a bike trail. Run along the river, keeping it on your left flank (Deutsches Museum) until you reach Luitpoldbrücke. Cross the bridge and turn left. Continue 500 metres passing the Maximilianbrücke bridge, then turn left to cross the Praterwehrbrücke bridge before making an immediate right turn. Continue straight along the path until you have the Deutsches Museum on your left side again. Make a turn right and cross the Boschbrücke bridge, and you’re back at your starting point. Finished!

Length: 4.4 km
Level of difficulty: easy
Ground: asphalt
Best time: after work/before beer garden
Surroundings: river, trees, island and architecture

English garden trail
Start your route at Surfers Wave next to Café Grüneis. Running North for 200 metres, cross the artificial Eisbach river and make an immediate right-hand turn. Follow the Eisbach river, keeping it on your right flank, while enjoying the views of the English garden and lawn to your left. After five minutes in this direction, you may start hearing Bavarian music from the Chinese Tower beer garden. Once you’ve reached Café Reitschule, make a hair-pin turn, running South along the Western side of the English garden. After around 500 metres, turn left to reach your original point of departure. Finished!

Length: 3.5 km
Level of difficulty: medium
Ground: gravel
Best time: in the morning
Surroundings: trees and creek

Wiesn trail

One of the easiest and most popular routes in the centre of Munich. You can start anywhere along the ring around the Oktoberfest venue. One lap is about 2.6 kilometres long. Run as many laps as you wish – but before you finish, head up the steps to the stature of Bavaria and take in the view of the Oktoberfest area. Finished!
Unfortunately, this area is closed from mid-July to mid-October for the Oktoberfest renovations.

Length: 2.6 km (but good for several laps)
Level of difficulty: medium
Ground: asphalt
Best time: Saturdays
Surroundings: trees, traffic and Oktoberfest

Nymphenburg trail

Start at the Nymphenburger Schloss castle and take a big lap along the perimeter of the garden’s fence. Enjoy the silence and take in the beautiful gardens. After a 5.1-kilometre run, you’re back to your starting point. Finished!

Length: 5.1 km
Level of difficulty: advanced
Ground: gravel
Best time: Sundays
Surroundings: Baroque gardens, fountains, castle and lake