Munich Spot the Celebs: the hippest place to be in town
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Munich Spot the Celebs: the hippest place to be in town

Artists, famous football players and actors are meant to be from far away and unreachable, but they all do have two things in common: They have to eat and love celebrating. No wonder they’re celebrities.

One of the most famous German actors runs his own bar. Well-known for big blockbusters like “The Medicus,” Elyas M’Barek with Turkish roots opened his restaurant and bar Paisano with two friends located in a rather international and business district. But does fame guarantee success? In this case, it does. And it has nothing to do with his prominence… OK, maybe a bit (but, don’t worry, you won’t stand in line with screaming teenagers outside the restaurant). Or maybe it’s because Paisano offers one of the best Espressos in town. Often fellow actors come in to have breakfast or lunch, appreciating the private and cosy atmosphere. Getting comfortable over an extended lunch can end up with a Herbal Boston Sour, one of Elyas’ favourite drinks.

So, you didn’t meet anyone famous? Ok, lets head to Rocca Riviera to have dinner with style. It seems as if it’s in Berlin, New York or London. But no, you’re still in Munich. The decadent, unobtrusive interior reminds you of a James Bond nemesis’ headquarters. But unfortunately, there is no chance of seeing Sean Connery or Roger Moore enjoying a Vodka Martini at the bar. Don’t be disappointed.
It’s situated in the same building as the Siemens head office. Luxury and glamour everywhere you look. If you think the guests are the stars, you haven’t read the menu: lobsters, Fin de Claire oysters, tuna carpaccio and Charolais rib eye steak are all waiting to be nominated for their own Oscar. And the director is French kitchen chef Damian Plaisant.

Another star in cuisine heaven is Tim Raue. Raised in Berlin, his restaurants were awarded with Michelin stars, he has hosted lots of food TV shows and is famous for his innovative but simple and often Asian style dishes. And stars attract stars. It’s like a magnetic field. The Brasserie Colette is his first restaurant outside of Berlin and offers classic haute cuisine like confit de canard or the Munich bestseller chicken under dough with truffles, hazelnuts and topinambur. Now you know how it feels be in France.

ITALIAN FOOD Munich loves Italian food and almost 800 Italian restaurants enrich the city’s culinary scene. Don't be surprised if you find Italian flags everywhere!
BAVARIAN LIFESTYLE Bavaria is the number one holiday destination in the country. Because of its lifestyle, Munich is often referred to as the most northerly Italian city.