Munich Tegernsee: Munich’s Lakeside Destination
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Munich Tegernsee: Munich’s Lakeside Destination

Get to the lake which Munich’s citizens love most in just 45 minutes!

In just a 45-minute drive you’ll reach Tegernsee – the top excursion destination for the people in Munich. Once getting there, you can also understand the fascination around it. The lake is not only an idyllic landscape, it also has a lot to offer in sporting, culinary and cultural terms. If you want to experience Bavaria as you know it on postcards, it’s a must to travel to Lake Tegernsee.

How to get there? Either by car or comfortably with the BOB, which stands for “Bayerische Oberland Bahn”. It takes you from Munich Central Station to Tegernsee. Five people can travel with the Bayern-Ticket for 25 euros.

What to do

Lake Tegernsee is a real Mecca for people who are active in sports, interested in culture and love nature. Either you let the boats take you from one place to another or you get into a rowboat – and don’t worry if you fall in, the quality of the water is very good, too!
Those who love hiking will love Lake Tegernsee. One of the favourite hikes leads to Buchstein and Roßstein. The ascent takes about 3 hours, but it’s worth it. At the top, a hut awaits you for some fantastic views and a moment to relax in nature.

Tegernsee lake
Where to relax

The Althoff Seehotel Überfahrt is one of the most exclusive hotels on the lake. Reside in comfortable and stately rooms and be spoiled with culinary highlights in the three-Michelin star restaurant Überfahrt when the chef Christian Jürgens takes inspiration from the beautiful Tegernsee landscape to concoct his tastefully unique creations.

Probably the most extraordinary sauna can be found at Tegernsee. In the Monte Mare, you can be sure that you will find total relaxation. The sauna has a certain capacity and when reached, no one else is allowed in. One of the special features is the ship sauna… just make sure you don’t get sea sick!

  • Althoff Seehotel Überfahrt
  • Monte Mare SPA
Have a break at the lake

There is no shortage of restaurants and cafés at Tegernsee. However, it is almost a tradition to have breakfast in Aran, especially because there’s a great view on the lake – both in summer and in winter – and simply because the freshly-made sandwiches and coffee are so delicious. End the evening in Cafe Franzl, a small Mediterranean café with a beautiful terrace right on the lake. The speciality is Inge Spritz, an aperitif made with prosecco, water and ginger syrup.

The lake
The folk festival

Starting at the beginning of June, the See-und Waldfeste (lake and forest festivals) are a highlight for everyone who loves traditional festivals and people in traditional clothes like Lederhosn and Dirndl. Whether at the lake or in the forest, the festivals are simply beautiful.

See-und Waldfeste