Munich This Is (Not) a Man’s World
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Munich This Is (Not) a Man’s World

Visit the wonderful world of automobiles... and more.

Munich is best known for its Bavarian customs and its beer, but the city also boasts a long history of car manufacturing. The Bayerische Motorenwerke (BMW for short) has established itself as a household name. What started as a manufacturer of aircraft engines more than a hundred years ago has now grown into a global corporation that stands for premium quality, driving pleasure and emotions. BMW Welt was opened in 2007 allowing a glimpse into the cult of BMW.

A family playground

The BMW Welt has become one of Bavaria’s most popular tourist attractions drawing in car-loving men and families alike. The venue is an extraordinary architectural feat, with its eye-catching double cone shape of glass and steel spiralling upwards, like being in the eye of a storm. When illuminated at night, the structure is particularly impressive. Within BMW Welt, all BMW Group brands and products can be found: BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, BMW Motorrad, the BMW Museum, exhibitions and restaurants. The fascination around BMW is omnipresent – and not always all about cars.

Rent a car, for one trip

BMW Welt is an overwhelming and exciting experience – you just don’t know where to look first. The beauty of it is that you can indulge your automotive dreams and get close to the expensive BMW models; the cars and materials can be touched, you can sit behind the steering wheel or simply marvel at the streamlined shapes. Don’t miss the electric BMW i models designed for sustainability. For motor sports enthusiasts, BMW Welt offers a very special highlight. At Mobility on demand, the powerful BMW M models can be rented for one trip.

Pick up your new car

For those wishing to buy a new BMW, it is a dream come true. The delivery of newly purchased vehicles is located at BMW Welt, and is treated as a moment of exceptional celebration. Upon pickup, new BMW owners are treated to whole day of culinary delights and guided tours through the BMW Welt and the manufacturing plant. You don’t have to buy a car to participate in the guided tours, but after a day at BMW Welt you will dream of one day owning one of these cars.

The stuntmen show

In summer, motorcycle stunt shows take place in front of BMW Welt. Daredevil stunt people showcase their skills and the BMW motorbikes’ potential, driving up and down the stairs and overcoming obstacles.

Bavarian comfort food or fine dining?

There is no shortage of culinary delights. On the ground floor, visitors at Cooper’s are offered coffee and snacks. In the Bavarie restaurant, exquisite regional products are served in a brasserie. Then, restaurant EssZimmer is both a culinary highlight in BMW Welt and where the food-lovers get their money’s worth.

The EssZimmer on the third floor of BMW Welt and what they like to call chef Bobby Bräuer’s living room. Classic French cuisine with Mediterranean and regional influ

Indoor strolling Oberpollinger is the best place to explore: seven floors, long boulevards, a beauty-spa lounge for treatments and several restaurants. The cutting-edge shop has been around since 1903 and has recently introduced a dynamic addition, the Storey.
The Storey The Storey is a new space at Oberpollinger that has begun hosting underground designers and contemporary artists –uniting both global andlocal fashion and art, shopping and culture. Call it a social space and creative hub, breaking the barriers between creator and consumer, stylist and trendsetter.