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Rome Good Morning Rome!

Any time is a good time to stop for a coffee, especially if you can also have a bite to eat and enjoy a secret corner of the Capital.

An increasing number of bakeries in the city offer a varied and balanced dining options. On this little journey through the central districts of Rome, you will discover some of the best places for a perfect break. In the chaotic rhythm of the city, it’s handy to know where to relax for a moment in a soothing atmosphere and for a quick chat with the bartender who is always available to entertain guests. In a glass, with milk, long, dark, double… Listening to the demands of the locals at the bar can be very satisfying and amusing. A free show that the eternal city offers to whoever wants to listen.

The French bistro is always open

Madeleine is an elegant bistro serving French patisserie, as the name suggests: croissants, saint honoré cake, tarte citron meringuée, profiteroles, macarons (the saffron ones are excellent), and of course, flavoured Madeleines served warm. But you can also find Italian classics like apple cake, millefoglie pastry and biscuits. A Belle Époque atmosphere and a joy for the palate, from 8am to 2am – where desserts are replaced with Roman cuisine with a French twist and the Boudoir cocktails.

The Ivy Cottage

Casetta a Monti is a dream: the building is fully covered with ivy; the restaurant is small and intimate. American coffee brightens the days of many professionals who want to escape from the routine. On the menu, homemade cakes, Greek yogurt with cereal, honey or wild berries, waffles with local jams and freshly squeezed Sicilian blood oranges. A foamy cappuccino prepared with soy, oat or rice milk is also available.

Casetta a Monti
The tea room

Over the years, Babington – also known as the Tea Room – has created a line of top quality grand cru coffees: single Ethiopian and Indian blends, but also coffee beans and ground coffee. Breakfast and snacks include toasted bread, butter and jam but also warm brioches with whipped cream and strawberries. There are also pancakes, muffins and eggs for everyone (Benedict, scrambled, poached and omelettes). Old-fashioned British-style service.

Home delivery or in piazza Navona?

Le Panier Gourmet Breakfast began as a local breakfast delivery service, but it also has a pretty space in Piazza Navona, where regional products are transformed into a healthy proposal including smoothies and acai bowls, porridge and coconut yogurt without giving up some exception to the rule as fried doughnuts and savoury panchos. For a gourmet break immersed in great beauty, or at home.

Le Panier Gourmet Breakfast
In the winter garden

Hosteria del Mercato 1870, near the Spanish Steps, is a winter garden where you can enjoy an intense coffee or more delicate Oriental blends to be sipped slowly while enjoying homemade cakes or buttered baguettes. You can also take home a nifty souvenir; great natural products are available in the organic food market. A break in greenery.

Hosteria del Mercato 1870
Matcha Tea and Golden Milk

Movelab Laboratorio Culinario, in the heart of Prati, offers, in addition to Italian classics, matcha and golden milk coffee to be combined with savoury recipes like avocado on toast, rye bread with salmon and lemon and feta cheese with tomatoes. Ideal for food addicts who follow trends.

Movelab Laboratorio Culinario