Rome Pizza à la romaine: Plus plate et plus grosse
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Alba Rinascente Roma Tritone, Rome

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Rome Pizza à la romaine: Plus plate et plus grosse

True Roman-style pizza is thin, crispy, charred and is currently experiencing a revival.

When it comes to pizza, you have to consider which part of Italy you are in. It is wrong to think it’s the same everywhere in the country. Deep, thin, crispy, stuffed crust, by the slice or round.

The dough should be well leavened and made with selected flours from the best mills. Cow milk or buffalo mozzarella? The same Margherita can be quite different whether it’s eaten in Naples or Milan.

Ancient Romans seemed to enjoy mixing stone ground flours, 48-hour leavening, giving the pizza an oval shape, a sort of flat bread: the famous pinsa. Not by chance, in Rome, even today, pizza must always be thin-crust, cooked in a wood-fired oven and served on a metal plate. Beware of imitations.

And don’t forget, in a true pizzeria in Rome, there are always great fried appetizers, from salt cod fillet stuffed pumpkin flowers to supplì al telefono (rice croquettes filled with mozzarella) – most enjoyed with a cold beer.


For 40 years Remo has been the King of Pizza in the Testaccio district. He serves pizzas well into the night, perfect for the after-theatre crowd when everything is closed. They are quick, and you can create your own pizza. Try the house pizza: sausage, mushrooms and eggplant.

The Monte Carlo

In this restaurant, you can eat great typical Roman-style pizza and the fun is guaranteed. The staff is warm and friendly and always makes you smile. In the summer, tables are placed outside in the sanpietrini alley. A few traditional styles and not to be missed: the Marinara, Margherita and Napoli.

Antica schiacciata romana

We could call it the mother of all pizzas. It is the most similar to ancient Rome pinsa, oval and very crunchy. Easy to digest, often white (no tomato) and topped as desired. Authentic atmosphere.

Emma pizzeria

A modern pizzeria that respects tradition. Quality ingredients like Pomilia tomatoes, Paestum buffalo mozzarella and Zibello Pio Tosini culatello. There is a possibility to choose soft wheat, spelt or buckwheat dough – all strictly organic.

In Fucina

The capital’s gourmet pizza, available through a tasting formula. The secrets are quality doughs and curious pairings: calamari, guanciale, eggplant or purple curly kale, gorgonzola and mortadella. Thin and crispy.

The Aqua Virgo ruins Thanks to the renovation of Rinascente Tritone, an ancient treasure was unearthed: The Aqua Virgo ruins from 19 BC. They can be visited freely and admired from the coffee bar.
Terrace with a view The rooftop terrace on the sixth floor of Rinascente Tritone allows visitors to appreciate a 180° panorama with St Peter’s Dome, the Basilica of Sant’Andrea delle Fratte, Borromini’s Bell Towers, Villa Borghese and the Quirinale Palace.