Rome The Art of Dining Out
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Alba Rinascente Roma Tritone, Rome

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Rome The Art of Dining Out

The Roman museums where you can eat gourmet food surrounded by beauty

Museums are not just beautiful exhibitions; lately they have become meeting points and social hubs. And what better than to add food to the mix – the best way to feel at ease in such a space, making a dream come true to eat in such exclusive, truly unique locations. With restaurants in museums becoming increasingly popular around the world, Rome certainly offers its fair share.

Open Colonna - Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Surrounded by natural light in the greenhouse sits the Antonello Colonna Open bar and restaurant. The Chef, who needs no introduction, clearly understood the potential of this location. Arranged on two levels, with roof terraces that boast a breathtaking view, you can choose the à la carte or brunch menu – perfect for families, too. If you don’t want to have lunch but only a little break, you can stop at the café that overlooks a small garden where you can see the Church of San Vitale.

Ego Bistrot – Doria Pamphilj

The new opening of the rooftop terrace in the historic mansion in the heart of Trastevere that will be lively even in winter. A few tables for an exclusive experience. The open kitchen is available starting around happy hour to sip drinks with a unique view. The artistic aspect of the gastronomy is displayed through Italian cuisine with Oriental influences.

Caffè delle Arti - Galleria Nazionale

Minimalist and refined, the spirit of La Galleria Nazionale can be found in the café and restaurant. The Caffè delle Arti features a garden overlooking Valle Giulia and Villa Borghese, thus making even a quick coffee instantly special. The dining options incarnate the Mediterranean tradition but becomes more cosmopolitan during the weekend with the international breakfast and brunch.

Musia – living (&) arts

An art space in the heart of Rome greatly desired by the Jacorossi family who decided to expose their private collection. However, it is not just a place to promote contemporary art, creativity totally envelops the visitor’s palate. Video projections and works hanging on the walls of the space enrich the cuisine led by Ben Hirst and the wine bar with the cellar selected by Winedo. A snack, a glass of wine or even a gourmet dinner concludes a visit at Musia in perfect taste.

CafeCulture - Palazzo Merulana

After being closed for many years, a splendid restoration brought the Palace back to new life. The private collection of the Cerasi family, mainly focused on the Roman school, is exposed on several levels. The ground floor houses the sculpture hall as well as CafeCulture, which from breakfast to the apéritif offers various excellences of the Latium territory like Cristalli di Zucchero sweets, and the hamburgers of the Liberati butcher’s shop. Healthy and refined menu options.

The Aqua Virgo ruins Thanks to the renovation of Rinascente Tritone, an ancient treasure was unearthed: The Aqua Virgo ruins from 19 BC. They can be visited freely and admired from the coffee bar.
Terrace with a view The rooftop terrace on the sixth floor of Rinascente Tritone allows visitors to appreciate a 180° panorama with St Peter’s Dome, the Basilica of Sant’Andrea delle Fratte, Borromini’s Bell Towers, Villa Borghese and the Quirinale Palace.