Rome The Best Ethnic Cuisine in Rome
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Rome The Best Ethnic Cuisine in Rome

You don’t eat only Italian food in Rome – the Romans love ethnic cuisine and the new ethno-chic restaurants in the capital prove it.

Rome is the symbol of Italy in the world and the world sooner or later ends up in Rome, in search of the secrets that make it eternal. The starting point for exploration is certainly gastronomy. Tradition reigns supreme in every corner of the city and in every dish, even in those that would not typically be Roman but that have been “Romanized”, like pizza which is always thin-crust in Rome (unlike its Neapolitan origins) or the veal cutlet that only has few ingredients in common with the Milanese one – very different but still delicious.

However, the capital’s culinary options have evolved in recent years. Restaurants featuring Northern European, African, Asian, Vietnamese and Chinese fusion cuisine are everywhere! We can see in the streets, neighbourhoods and even at the table, how these different cultures have come to tell their stories through their dishes.

Hawaiian cuisine

Mahalo is a colourful little piece of Hawaii. This tropical greenhouse will envelop your soul, creating the right mood for refined cocktails. Try the poke, sushi burger and rice donut.


Chinese cuisine

Hang Zhou is an institution in Rome. The face of Hang Zhou is Sonia, a fashion celebrity (and model in the Gucci campaign) who is especially famous for her real Chinese food. The restaurant, frequented by actors and politicians, is very easy going and welcoming.

Hang Zhou

Peruvian cuisine

Pacifico is a chic restaurant, furnished with attention to every detail; works of art hang on the walls not far from neon lights and an outdoor swimming pool. Outstanding ceviche, shrimp, lobster and wagyu beef dishes are accompanied by excellent wine and sake lists.

Mexican cuisine

La Cucaracha offers an authentic South American menu. For 10 years, it has been considered the best in the city. You are immediately taken by the vibrant colours of Frida Khalo’s palette, traditional music and fine fabrics that decorate the environment. A mix of flavours and nuances are present in the dishes: nachos, fajitas, enchiladas and tacos – also offered in even tastier variants.

La Cucaracha
Swedish cuisine

The typical setting of an international bistro: small and simple. Offering a classic Scandinavian menu, with herring cooked in different ways (with mustard, marinated, or smoked) and meatballs with currant and cranberry jam. If available, order the rare blue potatoes, which give the name to the restaurant.

Swedish dish
Greek cuisine

Cosy and familiar, the atmosphere here is very welcoming, giving the impression that you can breathe in the sea air. Try the different variations of chicken and the potato moussaka. But don’t miss out on the classic stuffed vine leaves with rice and meat stuffing or the fried feta cheese wrapped in phyllo dough, nuts and honey.


Lebanese cuisine

Close to Villa Borghese, Mandaloun is a friendly place with an outdoor garden. The traditional appetizers, or Mezeh, are very popular – including hummus, mutabal, tabboulè, falafel, kebbeh and kabis. There are also skewers, lamb and couscous. Enjoy the background music and Middle Eastern décor.

African cuisine

It’s a traditional Enquatatash Eritrea-Ethiopian atmosphere here, like the origins of the owner who has attentively decorated this simple restaurant. The starter sambusa (a triangle of fried dough stuffed with vegetables and beef) is an absolute must, then the Injera, a spongy, teff flour bread, served with stews, vegetables and dips to be combined as you wish. Don’t miss the coffee from the refined area of Kaffa.

Japanese cuisine

The first Italian restaurant with a visible kaiten (“rotation sushi”) and a sushiman. Classic Japanese cuisine with soba and unadon (smoked eel) on the menu. The restaurant design is inspired by the temples of Kyoto, featuring materials such as marble, wood and rice paper.

Zen Sushi
The Aqua Virgo ruins Thanks to the renovation of Rinascente Tritone, an ancient treasure was unearthed: The Aqua Virgo ruins from 19 BC. They can be visited freely and admired from the coffee bar.
Terrace with a view The rooftop terrace on the sixth floor of Rinascente Tritone allows visitors to appreciate a 180° panorama with St Peter’s Dome, the Basilica of Sant’Andrea delle Fratte, Borromini’s Bell Towers, Villa Borghese and the Quirinale Palace.