Le nuove terme romane
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Le nuove terme romane

Tradition or innovation? Today's spas in Rome

Thermal parks in Rome are certainly a social symbol. Born spontaneously near sources of hot water with healing properties, they have always been a place of hygiene, well-being, and social life – during the Roman Empire, and still today.

Terms like frigidarium and caldarium date back to the II century A.C., full imperial period. The largest and most famous, such as the Baths of Caracalla, featured common areas such as the theatre, sauna and gym for the wealthiest guests. Clay, essential oils and wine were the natural products used to scent the water.

It might seem strange, but not much has changed since then – fabulous atmospheres, lots of history and relaxation remain. However, technology allows you to enjoy innovative treatments to make the experience even more unforgettable. Here are the ones worth visiting.

SPA with a view

A 2,500-square-meter spa revives the atmosphere of the ancient Roman baths. Turkish baths decorated with Brazilian amethysts, Finnish saunas, a heated indoor pool and caldarium-frigidarium paths are just some of the services you can try at the wellness centre. In the park, there are heated pools, tennis courts and a gym for close contact with nature. The Hotel Rome Cavalieri Spa is located in the Monte Mario Nature Reserve, surrounded by greenery and silence, with a magical view over the Capital.

Cavalieri Grand Spa Club
Next to the Baths of Diocletian

In the heart of Rome, the Hotel Montemartini has created a Spa that extends for 600 square meters right next to the Baths of Diocletian. It’s a total immersion into history, to forget the chaotic Capital thanks to a wide range of exclusive treatments: hydrotherapeutic path, sound rooms, salt cave and emotional showers.

Palazzo Montemartini SPA
The Spa at the sea

The ancient concept of Roman baths relives in the QC Terme resort; the water comes directly from the groundwater heated to 37 ºC. Immersed in the Trajan Natural Park, the structure is surrounded by ancient pine trees and fragrant plants. The undergrounds of the historic buildings frame the wellness path extending to Porto Oasis where you can enjoy the scenery while having a relaxing bath.

QC Termeroma
The out of town trip

Not far from Rome, about 50 minutes by car and within an 18th-century noble villa, is the Hotel Terme di Stigliano. It’s located in a 20-hectare thermal park with five thermal springs of hyperthermal sulphurous nature at a temperature that ranges between 36 °C to 56 °C. Immersing yourself in the gardens that surround the entire structure is also lovely during winter.

Terme di Stigliano
The Aqua Virgo ruins Thanks to the renovation of Rinascente Tritone, an ancient treasure was unearthed: The Aqua Virgo ruins from 19 BC. They can be visited freely and admired from the coffee bar.
Terrace with a view The rooftop terrace on the sixth floor of Rinascente Tritone allows visitors to appreciate a 180° panorama with St Peter’s Dome, the Basilica of Sant’Andrea delle Fratte, Borromini’s Bell Towers, Villa Borghese and the Quirinale Palace.