Rome Where the Roman Heart Is
Alba Rinascente Roma Tritone, Rome

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Rome Where the Roman Heart Is

Tourists may gather in Piazza Navona, but if you ask a true local what their favourite places are, they will likely include one of these...

Rome is the eternal city where time stands still; however, around the many traditional places, so many new openings make it hard to keep up. We want to share some true gems – the places that Romans like to show friends when they come and visit for a few days.

Beyond our suggestions, your best bet is to pay attention to word-of-mouth to know what to see. In Rome, people like to socialize in the streets; they love to tell stories about their city and that’s how you will find the right information to discover the most beautiful secret corners of the capital.

Let’s go to the GNAM

If you hear someone talking about the GNAM, know that it is not a restaurant, but actually the National Gallery. Known as the GNAM, it now has a new image after a remodelling that managed to involve the entire city. With renovated spaces and a reinterpretation of the collections, modern and contemporary art coexist thanks to the Time is Out of Joint project. Open to the public, GNAM’s events, activities and contests have revived the art world. Located close to Villa Borghese, it is an example of pure Roman style.

National Gallery of Modern Art
The latest archaeological discovery

From a fashion point of view, Rome has expanded with historical brands and new openings, thus making via Condotti no longer the main fashion hub of the city. The opening of the second Rinascente flagship store incremented the sector and Romans are now gathering here out of curiosity and to see one of the latest archaeological finds: The Aqua Virgo aqueduct found underground (on the -1 floor). The aqueduct is among the most significant archaeological sites of the Roman era, inaugurated by Augustus in 19 BC to provide water for nearly all the most imposing and magnificent fountains in the historic centre, including the Trevi Fountain. After the mini archaeological tour, head to the roof top of Rinascente if you are hungry, where you will be able to satisfy all your needs in the food hall.

At the fun fair like in a movie

In addition to the classic Cinecittà Studios tour – visiting real sets and retracing the history of Cinema through various paths – you can visit Cinecittà World, a children’s amusement park with rides, roller coasters and other attractions, from cowboys to Jurassic Park and other blockbuster features. The novelty of 2018? The first cinematographic pool in the world in an amusement park with 1,700 of water with a sandy beach, cannons and water features as well as an impressive maxi-screen to enjoy movies and shows directly from the pool.

The chicest park in the city

If you love greenery, do not neglect the chicest of the Roman parks in the Aventine Hill: The Orange Garden, which takes its name from the many citrus trees that grow in it. It is embellished with a 16th-century thermal bath and the view is truly breath-taking. The city is literally at your feet here.

Parco Savello, the Orange Garden
Da Canova fine dining

This is not just any place… and it’s neither a restaurant nor an atelier: it’s a piece of Roman art history between via del Babuino and via dei Greci. Artisans and workshops enlivened the historical centre and among the many artists were Antonio Canova and his best pupil, Adamo Tadolini. Over the years, the Tadolini family passed the atelier down, essentially preserving the spirit of that time. Thanks to a major restoration where the halls were added, you can find a restaurant and a coffee shop among the statues and paintings – surreal.

Canova Tadolini
The Aqua Virgo ruins Thanks to the renovation of Rinascente Tritone, an ancient treasure was unearthed: The Aqua Virgo ruins from 19 BC. They can be visited freely and admired from the coffee bar.
Terrace with a view The rooftop terrace on the sixth floor of Rinascente Tritone allows visitors to appreciate a 180° panorama with St Peter’s Dome, the Basilica of Sant’Andrea delle Fratte, Borromini’s Bell Towers, Villa Borghese and the Quirinale Palace.