Vienna Addicted to Vintage
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Vienna Addicted to Vintage

During the cold months, much of life in Vienna happens indoors. The Viennese understand that nothing is better for braving the cold than snuggling up in a beautifully furnished, cosy and homey café.

As comfortable as home: that’s the main attraction for people in Vienna, especially during the cold season and the rainy days of spring time. There’s no nonsense because this is the latest trend for interior design and hospitality – for hotels, restaurants and cafés as well. It’s all about vintage furniture, good coffee and the possibility to buy almost everything – even the chair that you’ll be seated on. Hang out in the best cafés in Vienna and get comfortable… as you would at your granny’s.

The vintage café

Viennese cafés are places of history. Chances are that once upon a time, a famous artist, politician or even emperor has sat on the very chair at which you’re sipping your mélange. It’s often tempting to take some of the decor with you – and at Das Möbel that’s exactly what you can do, as pretty much everything there has a price tag attached to it. Admittedly, the place is rather new and not as steeped in tradition as some more famous Viennese cafés, but it is perhaps the hippest venue for enjoying a fair-trade cappuccino and getting some up-close furniture window-shopping done at the same time.

Up-cycling shopping

For the owner of this 6th district gem, everything began with a two-year residency in Africa. There, the next furniture store can be thousands of miles away, so he had to work with what was available, which required a lot of fixing, converting and improvisation. The idea of “up-cycling” used materials to have a new purpose never let him go and now he’s continuing his passion in Vienna by selling used furniture, lamps, accessories and jewellery. If you are tired of today’s disposable way of life, this store offers you some sustainable alternatives with a story to tell.

The modern vintage

If our grandmothers had known that their old household items would become trendy again in the 21st century, they probably would have clung harder to their ancient rocking chairs and embellished coffee tables. Entering this store feels like stepping into a time machine that spits you out somewhere between the 1930s and 1980s. Those who aim to streamline their apartment’s furniture with matching items will have a panic attack here, but if you’re looking for a little variety, this is the place to go.

Ethnic furniture

Whether it is an antique chest from Rajasthan, an Indonesian garden bench or a new dining table handcrafted from massive wood – Möbeldepot is the right place to hit if you’re looking for a unique piece of furniture. Besides the old teak pieces, vintage shabby chic and Asian designs on display, the showroom can also be rented as a stylish event location for press conferences, weddings or parties.