Vienna Along the Ringstraße
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Vienna Along the Ringstraße

Along the most beautiful boulevard in the world there are many of the most famous buildings, museums and café concerto in Vienna. The perfect itinerary on foot, or by tram.

Emperor Franz Joseph I ordered the construction of the Ringstraße in 1857 to connect the ancient suburbs of the city with the centre of the capital. It took half a century to complete the work, but the result marked a massive change in the life of Vienna. A 5.3 km long grand boulevard ring road along which, throughout history, imperial buildings were erected, like the Neue Burg, the Natural History Museum, the State Opera and the Burgtheater. But the ring road is also the long avenue that best represents the democratic spirit and which houses the Parliament, City Hall and the University — and upper-class residences. Noble families and nouveaux riches built their palaces here and even created a new architectural style, the Ringstraßenstil, expression of a historic eclecticism that revived and combined styles of previous eras, such as the Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic. The history of Vienna can be read along the Ringstraße, from the 19th century to the contemporary era: today it is still one of the arteries of the city life with its café concerto, shops and hotels, bicycles whizzing by and thousands of people who gather here to celebrate major events such as the Rainbow Parade and the Vienna City Marathon.

During the evening in April, May, June, September and December approximately 80 opera and ballet performances are livestreamed on a 50 m² screen in the Herbert-von-Karajan-Platz, in front of the Opera House, giving everybody the opportunity to listen to classical music for free.

Vienna's Ringstraße is perfect for a stroll to discover the city and its main monuments: it is very easy to get around.
Vienna Ring Tram From Schwedenplatz daily from 10 am to 5:30 pm, on the hour and half-hour.
25 minutes The Vienna Ring Tram offers one complete ride around the Ring with no intermediate stops. Tickets can be bought directly on the tram.