Vienna Café Society: Sip the Essence of the City from a Cup
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Vienna Café Society: Sip the Essence of the City from a Cup

Kaffeehäuser are not simply coffee shops, but a state of mind in the Viennese culture. Discover the best spots to enjoy coffee, music and micro coffee roasters.

Vienna cafés are not only places rich in history and charm, since 2001, they have been part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. The coffee tradition is something more than a set of bars, it is a style of life, a typically Viennese way to socialize, have fun and eat.

People go to cafés to drink espresso and cappuccino, but also to get together, to talk, just as they always have over the centuries – Gustav Mahler, Karl Kraus, Sigmund Freud and later Marlene Dietrich and Romy Schneider did, to the present day with personalities such as Paul McCartney and Hillary Clinton. You can eat great pastries and a traditional cuisine, shop and listen to music until late in the evening.

There are downtown cafés, charming, almost mythological places, with crystal chandeliers and sumptuous, antique furnishings, or trendy ones, animated by popular chefs or young entrepreneurs who are launching themselves into the coffee business.

Vienna is the right city to explore past times, like those of Empress Sisi, in places where everything seems to stand still. Visit places like the Café Spern, or to take a break at the Naturhistorisches Museum Café-Restaurant and then discover the menu at 2 Michelin star chef, Heinz Reitbauer’s Restaurant, the ninth in the Word’s 50 Best Restaurants (the chef also owns a café in Vienna!).

Franziskaner The typical Viennese take on coffee with cream - like a cappuccino but called Melange.
With cream Order a coffee "mit Schlagobers"