Vienna Veggie Dining for All
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Vienna Veggie Dining for All

A schnitzel will always be a schnitzel – but there are plenty of alternatives waiting to be discovered! From the healthiest and biggest buffet to a no-meat burger, here are the best and easiest veggie choices in town.

Traditional Viennese cuisine has never had a reputation for being specifically healthy but nowadays this is not the only tasty and satisfying choice. The good news is that today you have plenty more options than the yummy but heavy Viennese specialties. “Gluten free”, “low carb” and “vegan” are no longer foreign terms that Austrians only know from their last U.S. vacation. All over town it’s now possible to get yoga-instructor-approved healthy food at almost every corner. Whether you are craving a juicy burger, some sweet, sweet ice cream or you don’t want to leave the room on a rainy day, but still want to eat something decent, there is a delicious vegan or at least vegetarian option waiting for you out there… to satisfy any craving.


At Yamm! you get exactly what you pay for – literally. Grab a plate and fill it with appetizers, main courses, sides and salads from the gigantic buffet. Your vegetarian-only selection gets weighed at the checkout and the bill will reflect how big your appetite was. Even though it is right in front of the University of Vienna and draws in a lot of students, it definitely worth the chaos.


Burgers have flooded Vienna in recent years, and while there is a lot of discussion on where you can get the best meat filled patty in town, the debate runs out much quicker on the topic of vegan burgers. After opening their first store next to Mariahilfer Straße just a couple of years ago, Swing Kitchen has already expanded to three other locations. The burgers are delicious, healthy and the perfect choice for flexitarians who don’t want to give up on their beloved burgers but still want to save the planet and their waistline one bite at a time.


Vienna is full of excellent food options – but when it comes to delivery services we are entering the dark side: lots of pizza, Asian noodles and fried chicken. Fortunately, there is Rita bringt’s, which delivers a different vegetarian main dish as well as soups and salads to your doorstep every day. All products are organic, the wrapping is made from recycled materials and all orders are delivered by bike.


Vegan ice cream is a thing in Vienna – and Veganista was one of the pioneers to bring it to town. The flavours are produced fresh every day and most ingredients are organic and regional and they’ll let you taste your way through the options first before deciding. Ice cream will probably never count as healthy food – but here we come as close as it can get.

Kürbiscremesuppe In autumn, your will find this dish in many restaurants. It's a pumpkin soup with herbs and spices. Hearty!
Kartoffelkäse A traditional Austrian recipe, vegetarian: a spreadable potato smashed and cheese mousse.