Vienna Dancing Nights
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Mali Goldenes Quartier, Vienna

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Vienna Dancing Nights

Vienna is a city offering all types of music, ranging from classical to opera, jazz and electronic.

Vienna often evokes memories of resonating tones of the New Year’s Day waltz concert broadcasted to millions of viewers worldwide from the Golden Hall of the Musikverein –one of the city’s most famous music institutions. But Vienna doesn’t limit its passion for music to the classics, and hosts an array of jazz and electronic music events too. There are underground clubs open until dawn, featuring famous electronic music Djs, such as The Flex – one of the most renowned in Europe. Above all, the city possesses music halls, beautifully decorated with gold and velvet details, where the latest emerging operatic talents can be enjoyed. In Vienna, the night is still young.

New Year's Day concert From the Golden Hall of the Musikverein, every year the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra concert is broadcasted.
Along the Danube If you are looking for crowded party locations along the Danube, Flex, Grelle Forelle and Werk clubs are the right choices.