Vienna Neighbourhood Watch: Servitenviertel
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Mali Goldenes Quartier, Vienna

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Vienna Neighbourhood Watch: Servitenviertel

Discover this picturesque district in the heart of Wien out of the touristic routes. Go small and slow, from a knitting club to a cozy bistro

In the heart of the9th district, this neighbourhood is a lively emerging area to hang out and enjoy the flair of Vienna out of the most touristic city centre.

Along the picturesque Servitengasse, a trendy quarter has quietly formed over the past few years, transforming the once quiet street into much more than just an insider tip.

With traditional Beisl (Viennese taverns) next to fusion eateries, crocheting boutiques reviving long forgotten pastimes and old-fashioned delis dedicated to the finer things in life, the Servitenviertel provides a diverse microcosm within Vienna.

The ideal city of lifestyle Experience a district designed for 360° of style for both citizens and travellers, where shopping, eating and living all co-exist beautifully. The Goldenes Quartier unites 20 haute couture boutiques, restaurants, luxury apartments, offices and a five-star hotel.
UNESCO World Heritage The centre of Vienna and its luxurious buildings have been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Goldenes Quartier holds the historical address of the entire city – now turned into in a unique project of preservation and renaissance.