Vienna Neubau: Vienna’s Answer to Berlin’s Kreuzberg
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Vienna Neubau: Vienna’s Answer to Berlin’s Kreuzberg

Vienna’s historic centre is the main stomping ground for tourists, but the 7th district, Neubau, is considered by many locals to be the true pulse of the metropolis.

Originally a poor working class suburb right next to the posh inner city, Neubau was incorporated into Vienna in 1849. Today, it’s one of the hottest and most expensive parts of town, with a seemingly endless selection of bars, cafés and shops, one hipper than the next. Neubau is also home to some of Vienna’s most famous museums, theatres and Christmas markets and is still predominantly inhabited by artists and people in the creative industries – in particular, Vienna’s film industry seems to have gathered around the main commercial drag, Neubaugasse. While it is the third-smallest district in size, you could easily spend a whole weekend in Neubau and never run out of things to do.

The ideal city of lifestyle Experience a district designed for 360° of style for both citizens and travellers, where shopping, eating and living all co-exist beautifully. The Goldenes Quartier unites 20 haute couture boutiques, restaurants, luxury apartments, offices and a five-star hotel.
UNESCO World Heritage The centre of Vienna and its luxurious buildings have been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Goldenes Quartier holds the historical address of the entire city – now turned into in a unique project of preservation and renaissance.