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Vienna Organically Clean

Visitors to Vienna often notice how obsessed Austrians are with keeping the streets clean – and the same goes for personal hygiene.

Everything seems to be organic these days, especially when it comes to food. However, leading a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle doesn’t stop in the kitchen, thanks to numerous local companies that produce and sell green cosmetics and hygiene products. Check out the following stores to keep yourself and the environment clean and healthy.

The legendary soap maker

Legend has it that the recipes used at this downtown shop date back to the last soap boiler of Vienna, Friedrich Weiss. His secret was to use a cold stirring procedure, which results in products that are gentler to the skin than the bulk of the industrial stuff. No chemicals, preservatives or mineral oils are added, resulting in more than 70 soap and cleansing variations. They offer sustainable organic options to clean to clean your skin, hair and even your teeth.

Wiener Seife
Organic concept store

“Lips are made for kissing” they say, and with the proper treatment they taste even better. This store has make up, hair and body care products, perfumes and lifestyle goodies, located just a stone’s throw from the Hofburg Palace. They also offer a wide array of events, like workshops, on-location treatments, skin analyses and anti-aging classes.

Natural soap from scratch

“Let’s make natural soap” would be the translation of this store’s name – and that’s exactly what the two owners spend their days doing. There is no larger team or franchise behind this gem in the second district, just two hard workers making soap from scratch. Using only the best ingredients, like pure rose oil which costs €29 for one millilitre, they create soaps, hair dye, cosmetics, aromatic teas and much more.

Machma Naturseife
Soap at the market

Since 2006, the smell of soap has added extra flavour to the exotic aromas of Vienna’s famous outdoor market, the Naschmarkt. The vendor’s “Viennese for beginners” series is especially charming, in which all products are named after words in Viennese dialect. We promise you that reaping the benefits for your skin won’t be as hard as getting the pronunciation right.

Alles Seife
The ideal city of lifestyle Experience a district designed for 360° of style for both citizens and travellers, where shopping, eating and living all co-exist beautifully. The Goldenes Quartier unites 20 haute couture boutiques, restaurants, luxury apartments, offices and a five-star hotel.
UNESCO World Heritage The centre of Vienna and its luxurious buildings have been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Goldenes Quartier holds the historical address of the entire city – now turned into in a unique project of preservation and renaissance.