Vienna Postcards from Vienna
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Vienna Postcards from Vienna

The best Instagram accounts to follow to discover the city and its inhabitants

Without a doubt, the wold-famous architecture, cafes and baroque palaces make Vienna a distinctly photogenic location. Aside from the curated guidebooks and tourist staples, the city encompasses beauty that goes beyond. But as a picture says more than a thousand words, there is no better place to showcase all this beauty than on Instagram.

These days, no city trip is complete without documenting the adventure extensively across your social media accounts, to show off to your friends or simply show the individual way you experienced the destination. When going to Vienna, make sure to bring an extra memory card, as the number of motifs can be overwhelming. For extra inspiration, check out these accounts that do an especially inspiring job at injecting some Habsburg flair into the “Instaverse”.


It’s the official channel of the Vienna Tourist Board with amazing photos of the best sights in town. To have your 15 minutes of social popularity, share your Vienna pics by including #ViennaNow or to be featured use #ViennaGoForIt.


The saying goes “Life is too short to learn German.” This may have some truth to it, but a cosmopolitan city is bound to have a magazine in English: In Vienna, it’s called Metropole and does a great job making the city accessible to expat inhabitants and visitors who haven’t yet mastered the German language. Their account combines snapshots from around town with pictures from the people living in it. Lots of global flair from a deliciously local perspective.


Premium shopping in Vienna has a name: Goldenes Quartier. The best international brands can be found here, under one roof, right smack at the heart of the city’s historic first district. Their Instagram account will keep you abreast on the newest upscale fashion trends, luxury shops and restaurants. They also throw in an occasional shot from their jaw-droppingly gorgeous downtown neighbourhood.


While Vienna’s downtown area is full of tourists and historic attractions, this account is dedicated to the personalities who really own the city – including ducks, dogs and random guys in pink jumpsuits. The photographer catches intimate moments that display the variety Vienna encases. The beautiful shots are set in parks and promenades rather than at the well-known tourist sights.

Un post condiviso da Downtown Vienna (@downtownvienna) in data:


This young Greek lady operating this account came to Vienna in 2011 to do a German course. As is the case with so many unknowing visitors, the city grew on her and six and a half years later, she’s still here, capturing the city through the eyes of a well-travelled observer. She also documents her travel elsewhere – and judging by the pictures of coffee houses from all over the world, she seems to have developed a decidedly Viennese way of looking at the world.


As useful as Tinder in matching with your perfect food-mates in the city. From a gorgeous breakfast to the late night after dinner drink, all you can eat in Wien!

The ideal city of lifestyle Experience a district designed for 360° of style for both citizens and travellers, where shopping, eating and living all co-exist beautifully. The Goldenes Quartier unites 20 haute couture boutiques, restaurants, luxury apartments, offices and a five-star hotel.
UNESCO World Heritage The centre of Vienna and its luxurious buildings have been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Goldenes Quartier holds the historical address of the entire city – now turned into in a unique project of preservation and renaissance.