Vienna Running Through History
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Vienna Running Through History

As the temperatures get warmer, finding excuses to hide inside and binge watch Netflix are getting harder to come by. Explore the city heritage from another point of view.

Even the laziest couch potato would admit that the scenery that comes with a run through Vienna beats even the hottest new TV show. So, dust off those running shoes, get out the sweatband and don’t forget to activate your fitness tracker app of choice to show off in your social networks.
Viennese can escape from the buzzing city centre to a forest, a quiet park or a river island within half an hour. Runners have a seemingly endless choice of getting fit without ever leaving the city limits.

Jogging along the Vienna Ringstraße is undoubtedly the most scenic way to get fit. Tourists usually have to invest a full day strolling along the whole circle, while a fit runner can enjoy the trip through Vienna’s history in just under an hour – depending on your fitness level and whether you take pit stops along the way for a motivational selfie. The only downside of this track is that the Ring is also one of Vienna’s main traffic routes, thus lacking the clean air and solitude that await you in the parks.


Those in search of a more peaceful running tour will fall in love with the Danube Island. During summer, this narrow stretch of land becomes the bathing area of choice for many Viennese, but it is also a great place to take a run, especially because there are practically no cars on the island. Ambitious athletes can cover the whole island in one run. Alternatively, you can start at a public transport stop, start out from there and head back to the city from another tram or metro station.


Maybe not as scenic as the “real” Danube, running along the Danube Canal is an easy-to-reach option for a quick workout. A convenient starting point is Stadionbrücke, where you can pick your favourite side of the river, admire the graffiti artwork on the way and reward yourself with an ice cream at one of the countless gelato parlours on Schwedenplatz when you finish.

Dust off your running shoes and stay off the couch!

Locals who live in the city’s western districts love running in Schönbrunn Park. Even when you’re dripping with sweat, the countless tree-lined alleys, speckled with beautiful fountains, lawns and statues will keep your motivation up. This is also where you’ll find the oldest zoo in the world and, of course, the sight of the castle itself will make you feel like a Habsburger for the duration of your workout. Finish by powering your way uphill to the famous Gloriette and reward yourself with the breathtaking view of the castle and the city stretching out behind it. But be prepared that you might end up photo bombing one of the many Japanese tourists.