Vienna Snow is Falling
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Vienna Snow is Falling

There are many souvenirs one can bring home from a trip to Vienna – but none of them are as serene and charming as the original Viennese snow globes. Here is the address of the Original Viennese Snow Globe Manufacturer.

Christmas is a magical time of the year in many places around the world, but it’s hard to beat Vienna’s Christmas markets and artfully decorated streets filled with the smell of gingerbread and punch. While Vienna is slightly too big to be packed up in your suitcase, you can at least take a little piece of it back home: The original Viennese snow globes contain miniature versions of the city’s most prominent sights. While the chances of actual snowfall in Vienna are getting slimmer every year due to global warming, your souvenir just needs a little shake to turn it into a winter wonderland.

Original Viennese Snow Globe Manufacture

Without a sound, snowflakes gently fall on St. Stephen’s cathedral, magically turning the green meadows of the Prater into a white wonderland and transforming castle Schönbrunn into a winter fortress. Winters in Vienna are no longer that cold, resulting in less and less snowfall in Austria’s capital, but the picturesque sceneries within the original Viennese snow globes made by Perzy will survive climate change and outlast us all.

In 1900, Erwin Perzy I created the first snow globe based on the design of the Basilica of Maria Zell. Throughout the years, new scenes were created, and along with the standard models of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Ferris Wheel or City Hall that can be bought in the shop, many uniquely crafted versions were made for special occasions. Former US president Bill Clinton was handed a 120mm snow globe containing the original confetti that had been thrown at his inauguration party. As you can see, the Perzy family has an eye for detail, which can be marvelled upon at their factory in an old suburban house in the 17th district. More than 200,000 pieces are produced here every year and sold to customers all over the world. It wouldn’t be Vienna if they hadn’t set up a museum to honour this historical gem – the Snow Globe Museum. But unlike traditional exhibitions, most items on display here are for sale. The business is still in the hands of the founding family and is now run by Erwin Perzy III, who comes up with many new designs himself. If you are wondering how the artificial snow inside the snow globes is produced, you aren’t alone – unfortunately it’s a family secret. No surprise though, as there are many cheap imitations sold for a couple of Euros around the city. But none of them quite capture the magic of snowflakes falling on your head as the originals do.

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