Vienna The Sounds of Music
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Vienna The Sounds of Music

In Vienna, music fills the air at every turn. Whether it is an undiscovered busker playing for a solitary couple on the sidewalk, or a world-famous pianist entertaining a spellbound audience at one of the cities countless concert venues, Vienna more than lives up to its reputation as the ultimate city of music.

Namedropping is cheap in a town where the most famous composers of all time have lived and worked. While Mozart and Beethoven’s legacies are still omnipresent, Vienna churns out new talent every year and remains one of the best places in the world to launch a career in classical music. Let’s take a look at the most important venues where magic happens.

Wiener Staatsoper

Vienna State Opera opened in 1869 with a premiere of Mozart’s Don Juan and it was clear that the venue would become one of the most important opera houses in the world. More than 50 productions are staged here every year and good tickets are very hard to get so make sure to book well in advance. As a plan B, check the concert schedule of the Vienna Philharmonic, the opera’s chart-topping orchestra, as they frequently play gigs outside of the patriarchal halls of the opera house.

Wiener Stadthalle

From Metallica to Lenny Kravitz and Lady Gaga, international pop artists see Austria’s biggest event location (also one of the largest music venues in Europe) is a mandatory stop in their tour plan. While the Stadthalle has been the stage for countless concerts and music shows like the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015, it is equally popular as a sporting venue for extreme sports events and more than 80 different European and World Championships to date.


The motto of this legendary music venue is: “A place that fosters precious music, a gathering point for artistic endeavours, a house for music, a house for Vienna.” Enough said. World-famous performers like the Wiener Symphoniker and classical super stars like Lang Lang make the venue a pillar of the classical music scene worldwide. A good selection of high-profile jazz and world music events do shake things up, however. Fun fact: If you are looking for a truly exclusive location for an event of your own, look no further – the Konzerthaus can even be rented for a night.


Alongside Carnegie Hall, this is one of the best addresses in the world for classical music aficionados. A highlight in the 2018 program will be a newly created festival starting on May 6th, focusing on Claude Debussy, Leonard Bernstein und Ludwig van Beethoven, with almost 60 concerts spanning 36 days and more than 70,000 visitors expected to attend in that time.

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UNESCO World Heritage The centre of Vienna and its luxurious buildings have been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Goldenes Quartier holds the historical address of the entire city – now turned into in a unique project of preservation and renaissance.