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Vienna Time Travelling

Vienna is a city that has been built to impress. While the city has rejuvenated itself, and has an exciting modern side along the old-world beauty, it also obsessively cultivates its history and imperial splendour.

Unfortunately, time travel hasn’t been invented yet, but a trip to Vienna with all its gorgeous architecture, traditional coffee houses and world class museums will deliver a similar experience. You can take a trip through the city’s rich musical history or sipping a Viennese mélange in a chair where presidents, writers and filmmakers sat decades or even centuries ago (even in the same bathroom) – it’s all possible in Vienna. Regardless of where you are in the city you cannot escape the capital’s rich history. It is one of those places where getting lost is a beautiful thing, as there is always the promise of some nugget of magic not mentioned in your guidebook. We will give you some good places to start off.

If these walls could talk...
Enjoy... a toilet!

Viennese pride themselves in having a unique sense of humour – and in what other town could a public toilet be a renowned attraction? The opera toilet has not only been a life saver for Saturday night partygoers but draws tourists in with the loud opera music that is being played next to the sounds of the flushing water to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Discover the history of music

Vienna is the city of music, so treat yourself with a visit to the House of Music. On five floors, you can take a journey through Vienna’s musical past and present. Visitors can become an interactive part of the experience as well by creating their own sounds and tunes in the various installations that interact with the spectators.

The oldest cinema

If you are looking for old things, you came to the right place. One of the oldest cinemas in the world, the Breitenseer Lichtspiele is somewhat hidden in Vienna’s outer district Penzing. The cinema is still in business, despite suffering from the remote location. Take the trip out to see a part of the real Vienna because you never know when they will have to close down for good.

A picnic in the park

Vienna is a very green city with a park around almost every corner. None of them is as fancy as the Gardens of Schönbrunn that surround the famous Schönbrunn palace. An army of gardeners is busy every day keeping every blade of grass in place. The side areas are a great place for a picnic as most of the lawns are not supposed to be stepped on, but the compound makes for a gorgeous sight.

Coffee and strudel

Vienna’s coffeehouses have been the subject of many tales, meetings and lazy afternoons. One of the most famous specimens is Café Hawelka, a family run institution that used to be the meeting point for artists, intellectuals and revolutionaries back when it open in 1939. Nobody will ever know how many novels have been written and how many important decisions have been made within its walls. Nowadays the café is more of a tourist attraction than a place where history is being made, but it remains a local favourite for people watching or enjoying a nice piece of apple strudel.

Tour the set of The Third Man The city's most recognised landmarks, spotted in the famous Orson Well’s movie.
Freud’s Vienna Step back in time to the 1930’s visiting the Sigmund Freud Museum, in Berggasse 19.