Vienna Vienna: for Children Aged 0 to 99
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Vienna Vienna: for Children Aged 0 to 99

Who said that visiting a city with children is difficult and boring? The Austrian capital is a child-friendly city, with many museums and exhibitions including lots of entertainment for the little ones, and places designed for the children’s needs where adults can rediscover the magic of childhood.

When the sun shines on the big urban parks or when the cold weather invades the city and people prefer to stay indoors, there are many opportunities to share with your children, such as a vegetarian lunch, shopping, and entertainment – all in an informal setting. Three exclusive locations are not to be missed, to discover something unique (for children aged 0 to 99): The Natural History Museum, Vienna Zoo and Orson Welles amusement park, the Prater.

You can all become kids for a day on the Prater Ferris wheel or by feeding the baby pandas at the zoo!

For all kids between the age of 8 months to 14, the ZOOM Children’s Museum in the Museums Quartier is a world of play and experimentation areas where children can touch, explore, feel and learn about artists and the great themes of science.
The Schönbrunn Zoo, founded almost 250 years ago, is the oldest zoo in the world with over 700 animal species. The most famous ones? Panda twins conceived in captivity, koalas, the Siberian tigress, hippos and rhinos, without neglecting desert and rainforest environments with their relative animals. The zoo is open 365 days a year and if you check the timetable on the website you can also attend animal talk and feedings or book an overnight visit.
At the Natural History Museum, children can wander around among the dinosaur and marine creature halls, while adults admire the breath-taking architecture of the building and the beautifully frescoed rooms. You can also go to the rooftop to enjoy a wonderful view and stop at the « morphing station » to see your face transformed into that of a primitive ancestor and send a postcard from the past by email!

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