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Vienna Vienna Vintage

Vienna isn’t the most modern of capital cities – in fact, some even consider it old-fashioned. That’s what makes it a great place to dress up with a retro flair or spend your weekend in a flea market finding true masterpieces.

Vienna has a torrid love affair with the past, a nostalgic longing felt throughout the whole city. And let’s face it: you don’t come here to read about the new start-up hype or the most recent smart city developments. When Viennese talk about the past, it is always with a longing look on their face, and while we know that we can’t turn back the clock, we can at least throw out the Ikea couch and furnish our apartments with some grander pieces found at local vintage stores or second hand markets.

Naschmarkt flea market

Vienna’s largest market turns into the city’s most popular second hand fair every Saturday. Whether it is antique vinyl records, tableware that could have come straight from your grandmother’s closet, power adapters for obsolete fax machines or literally any other random item you can think of, there is little that cannot be found on the square next to Kettenbrückengasse metro station. Malicious tongues claim that this is where the Viennese sell their old garbage before moving apartments – but we promise, there are some treasures to be found. One word of advice: come early, as the market opens at 6:30 am and the good stuff will be gone if you’re late to the party.

Naschmarkt flea market
The vintage boutique

Thanks to the semi-original name, you won’t forget the address of this vintage shop/café located on trendy Burggasse. The 500-square meter venue is split into three areas: the main shop stretches over two floors, and is stocked with hand-picked vintage fashion for men and women; the “peng shop” is where designer archive pieces are sold together with limited editions created by local designers on site. And finally, after all that shopping you can enjoy a mélange at the in-house café together with unusual breakfast combos like the “Kraftwerk” which combines baked sweet potatoes with yogurt, roasted nuts and honey – maybe not the best brunch in Vienna, but certainly one of the trendiest.

Burggasse 24
Neubaugasse flea market

Twice a year, Vienna’s hipsters get the chance to go on a two-day shopping spree when the entire length of Neubaugasse transforms into a two-kilometre-long flea market. While trendy all year round, the Neubaugasse goes into overdrive on flea market weekends, with 360 different vendors offering locally-produced fashion, organic cosmetics and everything else that is hip and cool. Even if you don’t plan on buying anything, there is lots of fantastic food from Indian curry to Vietnamese spring rolls or Viennese sausages because local restaurants will set up stalls in front of their premises. Together with live bands and a kid’s flea market, this is a highlight for the whole family – mark the next one (the 70th anniversary edition) on September 28th & 29th in your calendars.

Neubaugasse flea market
Arts and antique market Am Hof

For over 20 years, antiques and high-quality artworks have been hawked at this market in central Vienna. From March until November, on Fridays and Saturdays you can browse through oil paintings, frames, coins and books and even fossils – if you think that your den could really use a set of shark teeth from the Cretaceous, this is the place to get some (we are not making this up). As vintage dresses are in fashion again, also check out the selection of linen shirts that will make you the star of the next ’20s theme party.

Market at Am Hof