Vienna Würstel and Champagne
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Vienna Würstel and Champagne

Vienna offers a variety of Würstel – or Viennese sausages – and the best place to indulge this gourmet experience is standing in the streets, sipping bubbles.

Food kiosks are scattered throughout the city, known as Imbiss in German, where passers-by can sample street food or grab a quick snack, standing in the street. They serve cakes and coffee at breakfast time, then hot-dogs, cold-cut sandwiches, beer – or even champagne, if you choose the right spot! Everyone goes to them, from the everyday worker to the suit-and-tie manager, and they represent the most democratic restaurants in the whole city.

The most famous würstelstand in Vienna is Bitzinger, an institution in the heart of the city, with a stand under the Ferris wheel as well as a restaurant location. In addition to excellent sausages and a large selection of beers, you can drink champagne until 4.00 in the morning, standing outdoors – a little unexpected luxury!

The Würstel Glossary

It is not exactly correct to call them Würstel as there are many different options to choose from. The Bratwurst is the classic würstel made of meat (veal, pork, chicken, beef), but why not try something new? Here’s a glossary to help you order the right one:

Frankfurter – made with smoked pork

Griller – deliciously spicy

Waldviertel – rustic and smoked, with very thick skin and coarse texture

Bosna – a Salzburg specialty, spiced and served with onions

Burenwurst – big, fat and boiled

Currywürstel – a Berlin classic, served on a plate with ketchup and curry

Käsekrainer – stuffed with small pieces of cheese

The sausages are served on a plate with bread and mustard on the side. To order a sandwich, choose from the hot dog list.

The restaurant Besides the kiosk, there is a real restaurant – the best choice on colder days
Opening hours From the morning until 4.00 a.m., every day!