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Huilei Alsterhaus, Hamburg

Download the app and select the concierge who will accompany you during your visit at the store, making your experience unique

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Download the app and select the concierge who will accompany you during your visit at the store, making your experience unique.



Aux Villes Du Monde is the name that brings together the most iconic luxury department stores in the world, all in one place.

The AVDM stores are more than high-end shops; over the years, even centuries, they have made history, becoming true landmarks of the social and economic life of a city – and sometimes of the entire country.

Rinascente, Central Chidlom & Central Embassy, KaDeWe, Illum, Goldenes Quartier, Oberpollinger, Alsterhaus.

The AVDM stores have marked changing times. Offering more than just shopping, they have been the forerunners of fashion trends, narrowing the gap with distant cultures, enhancing local excellence, and above all, they have embodied the values ​​of the society they belong to – both yesterday and still today.


    The AVDM stores are unique places and models of great architecture which share common values: ​​commitment to excellence, incentive to innovation and a vision of the future that has always stretched far beyond the walls of a shop.


    As landmarks for fashion, design, beauty and food, the stores are a core to city life and turn shopping into a lifestyle through the all-inclusive experience. This new AVDM project highlights these iconic landmarks and renders them accessible to citizens around the world. Available in eight different languages, this digital lifestyle magazine features various cities in which the AVDM group is present, complete with an in-store concierge service for personalized advice and an App – all to experience the city in Aux Villes du Monde style.


    For a truly personalized and exclusive service, you can book an appointment with one of our concierges: he will be available to recommend the best places according to your taste and needs – whether you have a night off on a business trip or you are on a relaxing family holiday.


    Thanks to the advice of the concierge, you will receive selected addresses directly to your smartphone – a tailor-made guide able to satisfy all your needs. In addition to this, you will get exclusive tips to better enjoy your experience. Want to know the restaurant’s house specialty? The best table? Listen to Aux Villes du Monde for all the best that the world has to offer.

    Read the magazine, download the App, live the AVDM lifestyle, become a citizen of the world.


    Aux Villes du Monde has been developed in Milan at the Condé Nast Italia headquarters. The editorial staff is right next to Vogue and Vanity Fair, but works with a specialised staff of collaborators scattered around the world, living in the cities featured in the magazine.


Aux Villes du Monde is the new lifestyle magazine aimed at all the citizens of the world, allowing you to discover the coolest cities of the moment – and experience them “like a local.”

Written by international journalists, Aux Villes Du Monde is a city guide which shares the best parts of the cities with travellers or other locals who want to stay current on the latest trends in fashion, design, and gastronomy. Embrace the best artistic and cultural scenes of the moment thanks to the city editors who will unveil the most exclusive rooftop bars and underground corners known only to a lucky few.


To drink an aperitif in the trendiest bars in Milan, to try Vienna hipster café society or to dine at the tables of Copenhagen’s emerging chefs, there’s Aux Ville Du Monde: all the addresses that your friends (and the usual tourist guides) don’t even know.

Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Hamburg, Bangkok, Milan, Copenhagen

Read the magazine, get the App, live AVDM lifestyle, become a citizen of the world!