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“Endless Possibilities” are encapsulated in two fantasy kingdoms where shopping becomes a wondrous experience. The Central Chidlom and Central Embassy are more than just department stores; they include performance stages, exhibitions, restaurants, a cinema and a hotel, along with a special range of services offered to their guests.
Sanuk(fun) andSabai(comfort) are two Thai words that define the soul of the new Bangkok symbols. Personality, style and quality, however, are the international terms to complete the Central Chidlom and Central Embassy description. They are the beacon concept for shopping and service in all the Asiatic South-East.


At the heart of Bangkok’s premier shopping avenue stands Central Chidlom, the Flagship store of Thailand and Southeast Asia’s leading department store chain. Opened in 1973, it’s a must for tourists in town and a destination store for locals as well.

Boasting over 68,000 square metres of world-class shopping space, Central Chidlom is rich in the latest imported and local fashions, shoes and accessories, beauty and cosmetics, jewellery, home décor, and gifts. But what’s interesting and unique is the selection of Thai-Asian handicrafts and the best local brand-name merchandise.

Come to shop and stick around for lunch or dinner, because the excellent selection of eateries includes FoodLoft – one of the most innovative and exciting dining spots in Bangkok.

Be sure to take the walking bridge that connects CENTRAL CHIDLOM to CENTRAL EMBASSY!


Just next door to CENTRAL CHIDLOM, this great store can be easily recognised on the horizon, with its dynamic facade of curving contours that boldly contrast the city’s skyline. It’s under the roof of this first iconic project that the experience of shopping (and so much more) makes for the most thrilling time imaginable… where it seems anything is possible. In 200 stores spread throughout six floors, you discover the most recent fashions, the great classics, the must-have accessories or the beautiful accents for the home. It’s here that the biggest international brands, together with artists, musicians, performers and chefs have all found a place to exhibit and encounter the public.

Central Chidlom and Central Embassy are so much more than you expect; they offer a total experience, from the first coffee in the morning, to the nice restaurants at lunchtime, to the cinema in the evening and a five-star hotel to end the night. In these fantasy lands, where wonders swirl and hours fly by, you can also get comfortable and take a break from all the excitement – just look for the comfy lounge areas throughout.


Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday 10:00am – 10:00pm

DESIGN Futuristic
NOT TO BE MISSED Eathai: the best and most complete Thai cuisine in the world.
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