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Michael Illum, Copenaghen

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A new beginning has brought ILLUM’s avant-garde vocation to a new scintillating light. Today it is once again the center of Copenhagen, of design and both international and Scandinavian style – a place where one can immerse themselves, from head to toe (passing by the stomach, of course).

If visitors want to go shopping and live the daily life in Copenhagen, it’s a must to take a stroll down Strøget, the longest pedestrian street in Europe. But if visitors truly want the shopping experience, they must wander into ILLUM – the first and unmatchable department store since 1891.

The shop has already celebrated its 126 years, but one wouldn’t guess it because the Scandinavian design is timeless and in part because, the extravagant character and innovative founder, Anton Carl Illum, had an eclectic stile that still lives on. With a complete floor-by-floor restoration by various designers of international fame, 2016 marked a new start, giving identity to the city’s icon.

The impressive main hall is topped with a glass window and welcomes visitors with a view of the six floors, visibly framed in by white columns. The backdrop of a large white staircase dominates the hall where visitors appear to float up and down like in an Escher drawing. It’s a beautiful souk where Denmark encounters the rest of the world as the biggest international brands are side-by-side with Scandinavian designers. And on the rooftop, steak and lobster, pizza and pasta await hungry shoppers, along with some delicious wine, of course


Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday 10:00am – 08:00pm

AREA 20,000 sq. m
NOT TO BE MISSED The ILLUM ROOFTOP: dine on the top floor, a haven for fine food and good wine.
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