Munich Oberpollinger
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Khan Oberpollinger, Munich

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For the best of fashion, with a lovely indoor boulevard that makes for a nice shopping stroll, Munich’s old-meets-new Oberpollinger sells both local and global products. Its new space, The Storey, is dedicated to emerging designers redefining the concept of who makes fashion and who determines a successful trend.

Upon its inauguration in 1903, this shop redefined the standard of the great department store in both architecture and assortment, bringing only the best from the entire world to one place – “the breath of the whole wide world blows”. Since then, not much has changed. The continuous evolution of space over a century has kept the Oberpollinger not just a cutting-edge shop, but the mirror of changes in Munich, Germany and the whole world.

Along with its seven floors, luxury boulevard uniting the great international brands, a beauty-spa lounge for treatments, and several restaurants, Oberpollinger now hosts a new space to keep up with the times. The restructuring changed the face of the home department and a new streetwear area dedicated to British designer John Pawson has been added. The Storey is a space that has begun hosting underground designers and contemporary artists, for a space that unites fashion and art, shopping and culture, global and local. A city-dwellers institution, this shop becomes a social space and creative hub, breaking the barriers between creator and consumer, stylist and trendsetter, who makes the fashion and who wears it.


Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 10:00am – 08:00pm

NOT TO BE MISSED The Storey: the area that since 2016 hosts underground designers and contemporary artists.
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